Total health care

Lynne Shallcross October 1, 2013

When Russ Curtis visits his primary care physician (PCP) for his yearly checkup, the physician checks his blood pressure and his weight. She listens to Curtis’ heartbeat and asks if he’s been having any pain. She also screens for substance abuse and depression. It hasn’t always been the norm for family doctors to screen for…continue reading

Multicultural competence: A continual pursuit

Lynne Shallcross September 1, 2013

Once you master the skill of riding a bike, you will always be able to ride a bike, or so the theory goes. But counselors would be mistaken if they apply that same logic to multicultural competence, says Michael Brooks, president of the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, a division of the American Counseling…continue reading

CT staff wins three awards for publications excellence

August 21, 2013

Counseling Today continues its track record of earning honors in publications contests, most recently receiving three citations in the APEX 25th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence. Lynne Shallcross, former associate editor and senior writer at Counseling Today, won an APEX award in the writing series category for her two-part series on bullying, which appeared in…continue reading

Claiming their rightful place at the table

Lynne Shallcross August 1, 2013

In any given year, as many as one in five American children and adolescents experiences a mental health disorder, according to a study released in May from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To Lynn Linde, that is evidence that an irrefutable need for professional school counselors exists. “Those are the kids in…continue reading

First to respond, last to seek help

Lynne Shallcross

Five years ago, Matthew Carlson responded to the call of a house fire. It was a relatively routine part of his job. A certified firefighter and medical first responder, Carlson was no stranger to trauma, but the tragedy he witnessed that day would stand out from all the others. As Carlson was providing CPR to…continue reading