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Stumbling blocks to counselor self-care

By Laurie Meyers February 23, 2015

As a counselor, which of the following elements are absolutely essential for you to do your job well? a) Thorough grounding in counseling methods and techniques b) A strong sense of empathy and compassion c) Adequate sleep d) Regular vacations or breaks e) All of the above The correct answer is e) All of the above.…continue reading

Hidden in plain sight

By Laurie Meyers January 23, 2015

Drunk. Junkie. Loser. These are just some of the ugly labels that get thrown around when people talk about addiction. Labels that reinforce the belief that addiction happens to “other” people — or other counselors’ clients. Counselors know that addiction is a disease, of course. But it’s a disease with a particularly bad reputation, and…continue reading

A steadying hand

By Laurie Meyers November 1, 2014

Receiving supervision is an experience common to all counselors. Some view it as little more than an experience to be endured — another box to be ticked off the list in pursuit of a counseling degree or counselor licensure. Perhaps that’s because securing the proper supervision can be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive proposition, especially at…continue reading