Cover Stories

A living document of ethical guidance

By Laurie Meyers May 22, 2014

After three years of work that included 40 conference calls, numerous face-to-face meetings, two meetings at American Counseling Association annual conferences, two town hall meetings and the evaluation of feedback received from more than 100 ACA members, the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics was approved and released at the end of March, replacing the prior ethics…continue reading

Advocacy in action

By Laurie Meyers April 23, 2014

Advocacy is a concept that can evoke visions of protesters and picket lines, phone banks and information booths, and maybe even knocking on doors and accosting strangers on the street. But at its most basic level, advocacy means to help or assist, and isn’t that the essence of counseling? “I feel that the basic principles of…continue reading

In search of wellness

By Laurie Meyers February 24, 2014

Jacqueline Swank, an assistant professor of counselor education and researcher at the University of Florida, believes in the power of nature. “I grew up on a farm,” she says. “Every aspect of my life involved nature.” The barnyard and surrounding woods were her playground, but living close to nature offered her more than amusement. “Nature was…continue reading

Quieting the inner critic

By Laurie Meyers January 23, 2014

Although there are differing definitions of self-esteem, most counseling clients would probably use the common cultural definition: a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities. Of course, defining self-esteem isn’t the same as understanding the important role it plays in emotional health. It’s a role that many clients may underestimate. “Self-esteem is at the…continue reading