Cover Stories

Unmistaken identity

Lynne Shallcross March 1, 2013

What constitutes the identity of a counselor? Perhaps the answer, in its simplest form, can be found in the way that counselors introduce themselves. Martin Ritchie keeps it simple: “Hello, I’m Martin Ritchie, and I’m a professional counselor.” “I learned this from Sam Gladding,” says Ritchie, professor and chair of the Department of School Psychology,…continue reading

Making life work

Lynne Shallcross January 1, 2013

What sets counseling apart from the other mental health professions? In many cases, the lines between the different helping professions can be blurry, causing even counselors themselves to debate the correct answers to that question. But one truly distinguishing feature of the counseling profession is its roots in career development, says Spencer Niles, distinguished professor…continue reading

The recipe for truly great counseling

Compiled by Lynne Shallcross December 1, 2012

If that headline caught your attention and you found yourself wondering, what does make a truly great counselor, you are not alone. In fact, many of today’s leading counselors say it pays to never stop asking — and trying to answer — that very question. No matter where they are in their professional journeys, counselors…continue reading

Eyes wide open

Lynne Shallcross November 1, 2012

Melancholy piano music plays in the background as people flash back to times in their lives when they felt happiness. Returning to the present, we see individuals in obvious emotional pain. A voice asks, “When you’re depressed, where do you want to go? Nowhere. Who do you feel like seeing? No one. Depression hurts in…continue reading