College disorientation

By Stacy Notaras Murphy July 24, 2014

Jane (name changed) came to the counseling center at Georgia Regents University (GRU) just one month after school started. A first-year student whose home was approximately a three-hour drive from the university, this was her first time being away from her parents. Her transition to college raised a number of different issues for Jane and resulted…continue reading

Group Process From a Diversity Lens: ‘This workshop is police bashing!’

By Lee Mun Wah July 23, 2014

The following vignette describes an actual situation that occurred in one of my diversity workshops. In addition to the vignette, I am including my thoughts/rationale and the intervention I used, as well as questions for other group facilitators to consider, group/dyad exercises and a summary that helps to place the event in a larger societal…continue reading

A heart for helping people

By Bethany Bray

As Stephen Southern was boarding a plane this past spring to make his third professional outreach trip to China, he thought about his longtime mentor, Robert Smith. Southern, a professor and chair of the Mississippi College Department of Psychology and Counseling, was leading 18 of his students on a study tour to meet with faculty and…continue reading

EMDR for the co-occurring population

By Jeanne L. Meyer May 29, 2014

In my work with clients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, it became clear to me early on that most have experienced trauma in their lives — trauma that they must resolve to achieve and maintain a healthy recovery. These traumas are sometimes categorized as little “t” or big “T” traumas. Big “T”…continue reading