Embracing intuition

By Lynne Shallcross July 24, 2016

One meaning of intuition is “something that is known or understood without proof or evidence.” Given that definition, it’s not surprising that objectively studying and measuring a counselor’s intuition can be challenging. But that hasn’t stopped Jesse Fox from trying. In 2013, as part of research Fox was doing for his dissertation, he set out…continue reading

Counseling’s connector-in-chief

By Bethany Bray June 30, 2016

When you see Catherine Roland at a professional event, the number of lives she has touched throughout her career soon becomes clear. “You can go to any American Counseling Association conference, and when [Roland] walks down the hall, people are constantly stopping her, running up to her, hugging her. She’s left behind quite a trail…continue reading

Technology Tutor: Inside telehealth: A personal account of messaging therapy

By Rob Reinhardt June 27, 2016

There’s no denying that telehealth is quickly growing in use as a medium for delivering counseling services. (Read my previous article on the ins and outs, ethics and legalities of telehealth at tameyourpractice.com/telehealth.) Although most of the focus is on the use of synchronous video, other modalities are growing in popularity too. Recently, I had…continue reading

Counseling in isolation

By Bethany Bray

Nebraska native and licensed mental health practitioner Tara Wilson grew up in a town so small that her high school graduating class comprised only 10 people. When her young niece was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, Wilson’s family organized a pancake breakfast and benefit auction to cover the growing medical bills. People traveled…continue reading

Four questions for John B. King Jr.

Interview by Frank Burtnett June 1, 2016

John B. King Jr. assumed the position of U.S. secretary of education in the Obama administration on March 14. Before becoming Education secretary, King served the department as a principal senior adviser and deputy secretary, which involved overseeing all preschool through 12th- grade education policies, programs and strategic initiatives. Prior to his arrival at the Education…continue reading