Technology tutor: What can counselors learn from Edward Snowden?

By Rob Reinhardt December 22, 2014

Prologue: Your feedback needed! The Technology Tutor column has returned and will be published more often (bimonthly instead of quarterly). With more opportunities to bring you information about technology use in counseling, I want to know what you want to read about. In the past we’ve covered practice management systems, websites, HIPAA/HITECH, telehealth, the 2014…continue reading

The lingering crisis of the Great Recession

By Laurie Meyers December 1, 2014

Anyone who has ever lost a job knows that it takes time to find another one, particularly in times of high unemployment. Since the start of the Great Recession in December 2007, millions of Americans have experienced long periods of unemployment. These extended stretches of joblessness are not only financially devastating but also detrimental to the…continue reading

Midcourse corrections

By Stacy Notaras Murphy September 24, 2014

Picture a female client facing a bleak employment market, stressing out about finding a new living space and struggling to find a boyfriend who wants the same things she does. She also suffers from low self-esteem and has been dabbling in some disordered eating. Based on that description, perhaps you are envisioning a millennial in…continue reading

Group Process from a Diversity Lens: Who’s going to stand up?

By Lee Mun Wah

The final vignette of this series reflects an actual situation that occurred in my diversity workshop. I am including my thoughts/rationale and the intervention I used during the situation, as well as questions for other group facilitators to consider, possible group/dyad exercises and a summary that helps to place the event in a larger societal…continue reading