Retaining family focus

By Laurie Meyers September 23, 2015

“Rose” and “Steve” came to American Counseling Association member Laura Marshak for couples counseling because they felt they had been growing further and further apart ever since their son, “Sammy,” who was now in elementary school, had been born with cerebral palsy. Out of necessity, Steve had become the primary breadwinner for the family, while Rose…continue reading

Going beyond ‘no means no’

By Laurie Meyers August 25, 2015

Survivors and activists have sought for decades to shine a light on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses with everything from Take Back the Night events to No Means No education campaigns. A Columbia University student who graduated in May made national headlines when she spent her senior year carrying a mattress with…continue reading

When tragedy hits close to home

By Lynne Shallcross July 24, 2015

Aurora, Colorado. Fort Hood, Texas. Virginia Tech. The Washington Navy Yard. And, most recently, Charleston, South Carolina. Each of these places transitioned from being a name on a map to an instant reminder of the devastating aftermath of mass violence. Another is Sandy Hook, the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school where shooter Adam Lanza killed 26 people,…continue reading

Counseling and leading with creative spirit

By Bethany Bray July 1, 2015

Heather Trepal, when asked to describe her close friend, mentor and colleague Thelma Duffey, paints a picture of passion and action. “She is not someone who shies away from things,” says Trepal, an associate professor in the department of counseling at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). “When she does something, she does…continue reading