From the Executive Director

CEO’s message: A dangerous precedent

By Richard Yep April 28, 2016

In Tennessee and a number of states across the country, state legislatures have considered discriminatory bills under the guise of “religious freedom.” This past month, the Tennessee General Assembly voted on House Bill 1840, the first of these bills specifically targeting the American Counseling Association and attempting to undermine the counseling profession through legislation that would…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Let’s make this one all about you

By Richard Yep March 29, 2016

You work hard, and the collective efforts of the counseling profession benefit millions of children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and communities each and every day. Although your work may not get reported on CNN or in The New York Times, the impact of professional counseling cannot be denied. You make the world a better place,…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Ready, set, enjoy!

By Richard Yep March 1, 2016

At the end of March, thousands of professional counselors will gather in Montréal for ACA’s Conference & Expo, which is being held in partnership with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Professional counselors and counselor educators from many countries will attend to hear the latest practice and research information. I could go on and on…continue reading

CEO’s Message: It is time to tell your story

By Richard Yep February 1, 2016

About nine months from now, U.S. voters will have an opportunity to elect those who will represent them at local, state and national levels of government. When considering whom to vote for, professional counselors have the added responsibility of being called on to advocate for their clients, students and communities. Regardless of your political party affiliation,…continue reading