From the Executive Director

CEO’s Message: Anger takes center stage

By Richard Yep November 7, 2016

Anger is sometimes an important emotion because it results in taking action to protect yourself and your family, friends, students or clients. For example, anger over some policy or act of evil can bring people together to make changes in society or local communities that result in a safe and caring environment. At other times, anger…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Striving toward a civil society

By Richard Yep September 22, 2016

Last month, I asked readers to think about the upcoming elections in the United States, not just for federal offices, but at the local and state levels as well. I didn’t suggest who to vote for, but rather reminded all of you about the important advocacy and services that you provide. My point was that…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Ref lecting on life’s milestones

By Richard Yep July 28, 2016

This month, I am having one of those proverbial “milestone” birthdays. These events can provide a pause in life to reflect, celebrate or mourn(!) the passage of time and the realization that there really are fewer years ahead than behind. When I look back, I know I have been blessed with a wonderful family, good…continue reading