From the Executive Director

CEO’s Message: We are one

By Richard Yep July 1, 2015

Each year, July marks a “new beginning” for the American Counseling Association. This is when we welcome a whole new cadre of volunteer leaders to the national, regional, divisional and branch positions within the organization. As we thank those who have served during the past 12 months for their service, this new group of leaders…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Sixty-three-year-old seeking collegial companionship, international connections

By Richard Yep May 1, 2015

Nope, this month’s title isn’t something I pulled from a Craigslist personal or a listing. In this case, the 63-year-old is ACA, and as we continue to find how best to maintain our relationship with 55,600 members, your professional society is also looking to reach across the globe. Evidence of this is our upcoming first conference…continue reading

CEO’s Message: This month is about YOU

By Richard Yep March 26, 2015

In Washington, D.C., the cherry blossoms are about to come out and the harsh winter is fading into memory. No more backaches from shoveling snow or missing work because of weather-related closures. Watching several inches of snow fall in March, I thought about how it was going to slow down the work I needed to…continue reading