From the Executive Director

CEO’s Message: It is time to tell your story

By Richard Yep February 1, 2016

About nine months from now, U.S. voters will have an opportunity to elect those who will represent them at local, state and national levels of government. When considering whom to vote for, professional counselors have the added responsibility of being called on to advocate for their clients, students and communities. Regardless of your political party affiliation,…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Why should I be part of ACA?

By Richard Yep October 20, 2015

“What value is there in belonging to the American Counseling Association?” That’s a question asked about 56,000 times each year by our current members during their renewal period. It is asked by thousands of others when they contemplate joining for the first time. The most compelling reasons to belong depend on where you are in…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Give it up for our unsung heroes

By Richard Yep September 25, 2015

We need only to open a newspaper, tune in to the nightly news on TV or visit a website highlighting the day’s news to learn about amazing people who consider themselves ordinary but do extraordinary things. I’m not referring to athletes who set new records or titans of business who command salaries in the millions.…continue reading