From the President

From the President: Honoring positive impact

By Thelma Duffey February 1, 2016

I was sitting at the boarding lounge not long ago preparing for a very early morning flight when the gentleman who issued my ticket came running to the gate where I was seated. With a big smile, he handed me something I had left on the counter and gave me a nice compliment as he did…continue reading

From the president: Making room for the new

By Thelma Duffey December 22, 2015

Every now and then, I like to clean out my closets. There is something exciting (yes, I know how that sounds) about the chance to reorganize, take stock of and appreciate what I have. I have to admit that it’s also nice when my hard work makes room for something new! At the same time,…continue reading

From the president: How do you want to live?

By Thelma Duffey November 30, 2015

I went to the funeral of my dear friend’s mother today. Mary was in her 90s and quite the lady. I had met Mary several years ago when she dropped by my house on an errand. That day my sweet Bailey, our family collie and big ol’ boy, wouldn’t leave her side. Laughing, Mary said, “That…continue reading

From the President: The choice to be grateful

By Thelma Duffey October 20, 2015

Gratitude is an amazing feeling. Although it is not always easy for us to connect to this feeling, particularly during disappointing or frustrating times, I have found its positive impact to be very real. I was on a flight the other day that was delayed because of mechanical difficulties. The airline did its best to…continue reading

From the President: Reaching milestones

By Thelma Duffey September 25, 2015

The Rolling Stones were a popular group when I attended my first junior high school dance. My memories of the dance are good ones, complete with great music and good friends. I remember spending that day picking out my outfit, listening to music and counting down the hours until my friend, Paul, and his mother…continue reading