From the President

2017: Counselors stepping up to step forward

By Catherine Rowland December 22, 2016

Happy New Year, counseling colleagues! If you’ve celebrated a holiday lately, I hope you enjoyed peace, joy, reflection and rest. As we begin this new year, it comes to mind that counselors are likely to face challenges in their work, and in their fortitude and resolve, that may be different from in past years. I…continue reading

From the president: Counselors and inclusive diversity

By Catherine Roland December 2, 2016

Dear Counseling Colleagues, My column this month focuses on serving our multicultural and multiple-identitied clients and students, especially those who are invisibly diverse. An “invisible” person or group might be unidentifiable immediately as a member of a multiracial or multiethnic population. Examples of this might be an individual who identifies as LGBTQ or someone with…continue reading

From the President: Counselor resilience

By Catherine Roland November 7, 2016

Dear Counseling Colleagues, This month, Counseling Today includes a cover story on death, dying and grief counseling — topics that can be difficult to reflect on and discuss. However, counselors have learned to embrace what is, hope for what can be, and the deep and consistent resilience that can emerge from transitions. Transitions can be…continue reading

From the president: Celebrating and inviting all of us

By Catherine Rowland August 29, 2016

Dear Counseling Colleagues, One of the privileges of serving as American Counseling Association president is the opportunity to create initiatives based on our passions for outreach to the counseling profession and those we serve. I want to take this opportunity to introduce two of my presidential initiatives, or targeted task groups (TTGs). The first TTG…continue reading