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Counseling transracial adult adopted persons

By Susan Branco Alvarado July 28, 2014

Kit Myers, a transracial adoptee, in his cover story for Gazillion Voices online magazine, states, “As we grow older … many adoptees slowly begin to understand the complexity of adoption and the violence of separation, secrets and racial difference that accompanies the loving parts of adoption. Rarely is there space for adoptees who have had a…continue reading

Partnerships and urban youth

By Amie Tat and Rebecca L. Toporek June 25, 2014

“Michael Taurus” is a C student who, as a ninth-grader, gave very little thought to his options after high school. If pressed, he probably would have mentioned going to community college or getting a job. Michael’s parents immigrated to the United States shortly after he was born and did not have the opportunity to continue…continue reading

Improving retention of low-income mothers in counseling

By Kathryn Haynes Owen May 28, 2014

For many counselors, attrition of clients is a common frustration and concern. For practitioners who specialize in working with certain populations such as low-income mothers, the problem of attrition may become strikingly familiar. The number of no-shows on a counselor’s calendar can negatively affect morale and even the counselor’s financial livelihood. Because of these outcomes…continue reading

Beyond cultural competence

By Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado March 27, 2014

Successfully partnering with and providing culturally responsive services to communities of color require more than cultural competence. The multicultural counseling competencies, adopted by the American Counseling Association and the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development in 1992, were a major step in recognizing the unique needs of communities of color. These competencies do not, however,…continue reading