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Dispatches from Nepal: Sharing stories, normalizing fears

By Bethany Bray May 21, 2015

In the aftermath of the recent earthquakes that have devastated Nepal, Jeffrey Kottler has found that some of the most effective counseling tools available are empathy and a listening ear. Kottler, a professor of counseling at California State University Fullerton, is in Nepal to join the earthquake relief efforts of Empower Nepali Girls (ENG), the…continue reading

Dispatches from Nepal: Aftershocks heighten trauma, grief

By Bethany Bray May 14, 2015

The people of Nepal are focusing on basic needs right now – finding shelter, food and water; staying safe; and caring for family. Anything else, including processing the trauma that comes from experiencing a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, will come later, says Jeffrey Kottler. Kottler, an American Counseling Association member and professor of counseling at California State University…continue reading

Growing number of counselor positions available at

By Bethany Bray May 11, 2015

The number of federal jobs open to professional counselors has increased noticeably in the past six months, according to Rebecca Daniel-Burke, the director of professional development at the American Counseling Association. As part of her job, Daniel-Burke routinely keeps tabs on the number of federal postings open to professional counselors. In years past, “Every now…continue reading

Handle with care: Addressing child trauma in West Virginia

By Bethany Bray May 5, 2015

“Their normal is chaos, and we have to bring calm.” For public school students in West Virginia, the calm therapist Felicia Bush is referring to comes in the form of an innovative, multidisciplinary program that aims to identify and treat trauma in real time. Bush, a provisionally licensed social worker with a master’s degree in…continue reading