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I want what I’m worth

By Kathleen Smith July 17, 2014

This past May, I stumbled out of my university’s basement counseling clinic and into the sunlight. The unremitting winter had spanned my work as a doctoral intern as I supervised master’s students, counseled clients and conducted administrative work. For the sum total of zero dollars and zero cents. Ready to embark on the last and…continue reading

Talking technology: Group of counselors looking to form ACA organizational affiliate

By Bethany Bray July 14, 2014

Email. Facebook. Smartphones. Technology is an ever-growing part of counselors’ day-to-day work. So much so, in fact, that the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics devoted an entire section to “Distance Counseling, Technology and Social Media.” For those very reasons, a group of counselors have come together to form the Association for Counseling and Technology (ACT).…continue reading

Through a Glass Darkly: Reparative therapy and the politics of counseling

By Shannon Hodges July 10, 2014

Recently, some 10,000 attendees gathered at the Texas Republican Convention to endorse a platform for the 2014 midterm election. The platform made national headlines for endorsing reparative therapy for gay people. Supporters of reparative or “conversion” therapy believe the treatment effective in turning gay people straight despite not a shred of evidence backing their claim.…continue reading