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‘We must do more’: Counselors have part to play in stemming U.S. suicide increase

By Bethany Bray May 19, 2016

After more than a decade of almost constant decline, the rate of suicide deaths in the United States has increased 24 percent over the past 15 years. In fact, the country’s rate of suicide is at its highest point since 1986, according to data released recently by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…continue reading

Addressing children’s curiosity of private parts

By Ashley Wroton May 16, 2016

Damion’s (*) grandmother walked into the office, eyes reluctant to connect. Sitting on the sofa, she slowly began to explain her reason for coming in. “I made this appointment for my grandson. He’s 3. The day care has threatened to suspend him. He pulled his pants down while in line to go outside, and last…continue reading

The Counseling Connoisseur: Seeking connections to ourselves, others and the sacred

By Cheryl Fisher May 9, 2016

Bonjour! As I sit in this overstuffed chair, sipping my coffee and letting the buttery chocolate croissant melt on my tongue, I quietly observe the bustle of Friday morning in Montreal, where I am attending and presenting at the American Counseling Association’s 2016 annual conference. I close my eyes and breathe in the café, attending…continue reading

The loss of a meaningful relationship

By Kristin Schofield May 4, 2016

As counselors, we are trained to focus on our clients’ needs and assist them through the therapeutic process. This focus on client needs is highlighted in the termination process. Counselors are trained to help clients prepare for termination from the beginning of therapy, to support clients through the termination of therapy and to ensure that…continue reading