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New eligibility requirements for ACA president-elect announced

Heather Rudow December 29, 2011

At the October 2011 meeting, the Governing Council adopted a motion changing the requirements and nomination process for candidates for ACA President-elect.

Eligibility requirements for those seeking the office of ACA President-elect for the term beginning July 1, 2013:

1. Be a member in good standing of the Association for a minimum of ten (10) years.

2. Have had no ethical violations for the past ten (10) consecutive years immediately prior to nomination.

3. Have served at least two of the following three roles: a) President of a national division, b) Region Chair, or c) Governing Council Representative

4. Must be a member of the branch located in the jurisdiction in which they reside or work, if such exists.

5. Cannot be a candidate for president-elect of a Division or Organizational Affiliate or chair-elect of a region at the same time they are a candidate for ACA President-elect.

There is also a new deadline date for submitting nominations.  Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday, February 24, 2012.

Detailed information regarding the new requirements and nomination process is attached.  If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact one of the following:

Dr. Marcheta Evans, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee: Marcheta.Evans@utsa.edu

Ms. Holly Clubb, Director of Leadership Services:  HClubb@counseling.org

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