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ACA provides feedback on the ASCA National Model revision

May 1, 2012

American Counseling Association President Don W. Locke has sent a letter providing feedback on the draft revision of the ASCA National Model. Based on input from the ACA School Counseling Task Force, the letter praises the model for advancing school counseling but disagrees with its tenet that providing individual counseling is an inappropriate activity for school counselors. The ACA letter also encourages the ASCA National Model to have a greater focus on serving diverse, underserved, and high needs students. To read the complete letter click here.


  1. Jeff

    The link to the reply letter is broken. Is this on purpose or is there a way that access to the letter can be restored

    1. Heather Rudow

      Hi Jeff,

      We will work on this and I will email you once it’s fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

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