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CEO’s Message: This month is about YOU

By Richard Yep March 26, 2015

In Washington, D.C., the cherry blossoms are about to come out and the harsh winter is fading into memory. No more backaches from shoveling snow or missing work because of weather-related closures. Watching several inches of snow fall in March, I thought about how it was going to slow

Richard Yep, ACA CEO

Richard Yep, ACA CEO

down the work I needed to do. And then I saw my dogs romping, running, eating and thoroughly enjoying the snow. All it took was a reframe!

I am asking all of you to consider a reframe as well. April is Counseling Awareness Month, when we let our communities, public policymakers, the media and others know about the good work of professional counselors. This is one of the rare times when it really is all about you.

Counseling Awareness Month is a time to educate the public about the counseling profession and its many contributions to society. Please engage your colleagues or your graduate students in taking pride in the counseling profession. Celebrate the good work of professional counselors and let others know about the important work that you and your colleagues do.

ACA has been hard at work arranging media coverage for this exciting month. Watch your emails, the ACA homepage ( and ACA social media channels (American Counseling Association on Facebook and @CounselingViews on Twitter) for links and highlights.

Here are some great ways you can get involved:

  • Request and display your free ACA Counselors Care car
  • Spread the word about Counseling Awareness Month by downloading and sharing ACA’s media tips for members, general Counseling Awareness Month information, a professional counseling fact sheet, colorful counseling infographics and more.
  • Enter ACA’s 2015 Public Outreach Contest for a chance to win a full registration to the ACA 2016 Conference & Expo in Montreal (March 31–April 3, 2016).
  • Take a photo for ACA’s social media campaign and post it to your personal accounts using hashtag #CounselorsCare.
  • Order modern ACA merchandise to showcase your counseling pride this month and throughout the year.

More details and instructions are available at

At ACA, we remain committed to spreading the word about professional counseling and its incredibly positive impact on society. In February, we organized a congressional briefing for Hill staffers to explain the critical role that professional school counselors play in the social and emotional development of young people and how this affects their college and career readiness. In the past few years, we have also increased our media exposure on behalf of the profession, leading to radio, TV and print interviews.

We continue partnering with organizations that promote and support the work of professional counselors, including the Human Rights Campaign, the first lady’s Reach Higher initiative and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Voice Awards. Our goal is to continue raising awareness, but we can’t do it alone. That is why I am appealing to you to participate not just this month but throughout the year.

I know you are busy and that it can be challenging to do anything other than your specific job. I also realize that you need a break every now and then. This was quite evident by the more than 3,200 attendees at last month’s ACA Conference & Expo in Orlando. If you were there, I hope that the conference helped to reenergize you. We want to continue creating events in which our members and other professional counselors get a chance to come together. In June, we are taking our show “on the road” as we convene our first ever ACA Asia Pacific Counseling Conference in Singapore.

Happy Counseling Awareness Month to you and your colleagues!

As always, I look forward to your comments, questions and thoughts. Feel free to call me at 800.347.6647 ext. 231 or email me at You can also follow me on Twitter: @Richyep.

Be well.


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