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CT Online’s most-viewed articles of 2015

Compiled by Bethany Bray January 4, 2016

What were counselors reading in 2015?

More than 140 articles were posted to Counseling Today’s companion website, CT Online this past year, and the most-viewed pieces ran the gamut, from issues related to helping young clients to Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.24.12 PMcounselor self-care.

Highlights of 2015 also included a three-article series on Jeffrey Kottler’s post-earthquake aid work in Nepal, an in-depth piece on an innovative program launched to address child trauma in West Virgina and the debut of Nonprofit News, a monthly online column written by counselor and ACA member “Doc Warren” Corson III.




CT Online’s most-viewed articles posted in 2015:

  1. The connection between ADHD, speech delays, motor skill delays, sensory processing disorders and sleep issues (Online exclusive; posted in January)
  2. Stumbling blocks to counselor self-care (Counseling Today cover story; March issue)
  3. Where’s Waldo? A creative tool to introduce CBT skills (Online exclusive; posted in October)
  4. Treating depression and anxiety (Counseling Today cover story; August issue)
  5. Empty crib, broken heart (Counseling Today cover story; October issue)
  6. Growing number of counselor positions available at (Online exclusive; posted in May)
  7. A tough time on campus: Majority of freshmen feel emotionally unprepared for college (Online exclusive; posted in November)
  8. Confirming the benefits of emotional support animals (Online exclusive; posted in April)
  9. Addressing fear in child victims of sexual abuse (Counseling Today Knowledge Share article; February issue)
  10. Emotion, personified: What “Inside Out” gets right about mental health (Online exclusive; posted in June)
  11. Explaining why opposites attract (Counseling Today Reader Viewpoint article; May issue)
  12. Taking a creative approach to client change (Counseling Today cover story; September issue)
  13. What would Yalom do? Ten nuggets of wisdom for counselors old and new (Online exclusive; posted in March)
  14. Hidden in plain sight (Counseling Today cover story; February issue)
  15. The misrepresentation of black girls with brown skin (Online exclusive; posted in May)
  16. From NFL linebacker to licensed professional counselor (Online exclusive; posted in June)
  17. Addressing counseling’s portability crisis (Counseling Today feature article; April issue)
  18. Counseling clients with cancer (Counseling Today feature article; March issue)
  19. When tragedy hits close to home (Counseling Today feature article; August issue)
  20. Fresh thinking on old issues (Counseling Today cover story; May issue)




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