Young and depressed

Jim Paterson July 12, 2011

A group of female classmates has been harassing 13-year-old Marie for a month, making fun of her clothing and her weight. She has stopped socializing, other than to check Facebook to ensure no other hurtful things are being said about her. She sleeps fitfully, has stopped eating regularly and her grades have dropped. Robert, Marie’s…continue reading

Bullies with byte

Jim Paterson June 1, 2011

There are those who think cyberbullying is an overpublicized issue, a passing fad that counselors and school authorities should be able to handle in the same way as they would schoolyard bullying. But bullying experts have grown to realize that these online attacks are both different from and more insidious than traditional bullying. For one…continue reading

Getting inside the gang mentality

Jim Paterson May 10, 2010

In a suburban high school cafeteria, a kid with an oversized white T-shirt and an easy smile is getting a lot of attention. It’s readily apparent that the other students at the lunch table defer to him. As the school counselor, you ask around and find out this student is newly entrenched in gang life.…continue reading

A counselor’s education

Jim Paterson November 14, 2009

After being admittedly unfocused during her undergraduate years, a stint as a temporary employee at an outpatient drug treatment center in Sacramento, Calif., nudged Kate Farrelly toward a career in the counseling profession. She recently graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a master’s in marriage, family and child counseling, then moved upward at the…continue reading

Beyond an elementary approach

Jim Paterson June 14, 2009

School counselors and school counseling educators typically agree on three things when it comes to solution-focused counseling. A) The approach makes perfect sense because it works with a student’s strengths and successes. B) It is often more effective in getting challenging students to change than other approaches typically used in schools — namely, diagnosing problems…continue reading