Counseling Today

Self-care for the activist counselor

By Shekila Melchior and Dannette Gomez Beane June 4, 2018

An activist is a person who campaigns and takes action for social change. Counselors are often activists for their clients and for their profession by nature of being in a helping field. The issue of self-care looms for both counselor practitioners and counselor educators as we face difficult client issues, large caseloads and demanding work…continue reading

A favorite, yet bittersweet, month

Richard Yep June 1, 2018

June is one of my favorite months. Winter coats and gloves are stashed away, the pollen has usually come and gone, many of us are close to taking a vacation, and the fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets taste much better. What’s not to love about June? Well, here at the American Counseling Association,…continue reading

Reflection and erratum

Gerard Lawson

This last column for Counseling Today is a little bittersweet. This past year, as I have had the privilege of serving as American Counseling Association president, I have written these articles on planes and trains, in airports and in hotel rooms. (I even managed to write one or two at home or in my office.)…continue reading

Rate of youth suicide-related hospitalizations has nearly doubled

By Bethany Bray May 31, 2018

Recent research has revealed an alarming development: The number of youth admitted to the hospital for a suicide attempt or suicidal ideation nearly doubled between 2008 and 2015. The findings, published in the May 2018 issue of the journal Pediatrics, analyzed seven years of billing data for emergency room and inpatient visits at children’s hospitals…continue reading

Guiding lights

By Bethany Bray May 30, 2018

Counselor supervision is a rite of passage for professional counselors. Although supervision requirements vary from state to state, the crux of the experience — learning that is based in a relationship between a beginning counselor and an experienced practitioner — is universal. As is the case for any relationship to remain healthy and beneficial, the…continue reading