Counseling Today

Addressing ethnic self-hatred in Latinx undergraduates

By Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado September 3, 2018

When Europeans first made contact with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, a path toward Eurocentrism was set in the Western Hemisphere. In the years since the conquest and colonization of North America and the establishment of the United States, the cultural values and social policies of this country have favored people of Western European…continue reading

Graduate counseling students: What makes you different?

By Sarah Fichtner

As a counselor master’s student approaching graduation in December, a few lessons have become ingrained in my mind: “Always advocate on behalf of your clients”; “engaging in self-care is essential”; and “practice in accordance with the ACA Code of Ethics.” At times, when I am lying in bed after a long day, I find myself…continue reading

From the president: Play: A critical modality

Simone Lambert

The smell of a new box of crayons. The feel of a fresh can of Play-Doh. The sight of little miniatures neatly arranged in a sandbox. The sound of a puppet scene being acted out. These sensory experiences remind many of us of our childhood play with friends and family. When play therapy, the topic…continue reading