Cover Stories

Taking a creative approach to client change

By Laurie Meyers August 20, 2015

Fan culture has gone mainstream. Whereas once the celebration of popular media was confined mostly to small, under-the-radar TV show and comic book conventions, today myriad fan gatherings take place — both on the Internet and off. Shows and characters that not so long ago would have been considered “niche” — think superheroes, science fiction,…continue reading

Treating depression and anxiety

By Laurie Meyers July 22, 2015

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately 25 percent of U.S. adults struggle with depression, anxiety or some combination of both. In any given year, approximately 6.9 percent of American adults — about 16 million people — live with depression. Approximately 18.1 percent — about 42 million — live with anxiety. NIMH estimates…continue reading

Coming to terms with technology

By Laurie Meyers June 22, 2015

In the early 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution, workers in the textile industry began protesting what they considered unfair labor practices. Many of them drove home their demands by destroying the factories’ machinery. It disrupted operations and hit management where it hurt — the pocketbook. These protesters weren’t anti-machinery; they just wanted to ensure…continue reading

Group effort

By Laurie Meyers May 25, 2015

When a client seeks help, often the focused, tailored nature of individual counseling is exactly what he or she needs. But sometimes there is a particular alchemy in a group. Many clients benefit from group counseling, either in addition to or instead of individual treatment. Why is that? The counselors to whom we spoke pointed…continue reading

Fresh thinking on old issues

By Laurie Meyers April 23, 2015

Trauma, suicide and bullying are not new topics for most counselors, who at some point in their careers have likely worked with clients on each of these issues. However, as research and practice continue to progress, some counselors are using emerging approaches or perspectives to tackle these problems. At the American Counseling Association’s 2015 Conference…continue reading