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Record number of military suicides begs questions about the path forward

Heather Rudow February 1, 2013

Despite recent efforts from the Department of Defense to stem the rise in military suicides, the number of service members who took their own lives last year appears to have topped the number of troops killed in combat. Despite the Pentagon’s recent efforts to hire more mental health workers, begin a long-term study of mental…continue reading

Monmouth University counseling students coordinate relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy

Heather Rudow

When historic “superstorm” Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast this past October, more than 120 lives were lost and countless others were changed forever, as storm victims were forced to rebuild homes, businesses and lives in the aftermath. Two counseling students at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, N.J., decided to help in any…continue reading

The paradox of empathy: When empathy hurts

By Eric W. Cowan, Jack Presbury and Lennis G. Echterling

We normally think of empathy in counseling as a benevolent act in which the insightful counselor deeply understands the grateful client. Carl Rogers considered this empathic connection the centerpiece of a successful counseling relationship. He offered the following metaphor of the imprisoned client being emotionally liberated by the counselor: One thing I have come to…continue reading

Thinking creatively: Expressive arts for counseling youth in the schools

Patricia Van Velsor

Meeting the needs of today’s students is challenging for counselors working in the schools, particularly with the increasing diversity of the U.S. population. To engage today’s students, school counselors must think innovatively in delivering school counseling services. Creative “nontraditional” counseling approaches, when integrated into traditional school counseling services at both the preventive and responsive levels,…continue reading