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Thinking creatively: Expressive arts for counseling youth in the schools

Patricia Van Velsor February 1, 2013

Meeting the needs of today’s students is challenging for counselors working in the schools, particularly with the increasing diversity of the U.S. population. To engage today’s students, school counselors must think innovatively in delivering school counseling services. Creative “nontraditional” counseling approaches, when integrated into traditional school counseling services at both the preventive and responsive levels,…continue reading

The fight against bullying: A new professional’s perspective

Lynne Shallcross

The cover story of our February issue, “Bully pulpit,”  focused on the critical role that counselors, and school counselors in particular, play in combating bullying among children and adolescents. As an online sidebar to our cover story, Counseling Today caught up with new professional Dennielle McIver, a counselor who is aiming to specialize in working with…continue reading

Jain’s championing of Eastern and Western cultural and counseling exchange leads to meeting with Dalai Lama

Heather Rudow January 18, 2013

Sachin Jain has been taking counselors, counselor educators and counseling students to rural India for the past six years in an effort to expand their worldviews and give a real-life picture of how individuals in different socioeconomic statuses live. But this past June, trip participants had an even more meaningful experience when they met the…continue reading

ACA member among first to respond as disaster mental health volunteer after tragedy in Newtown

Heather Rudow January 11, 2013

Tony Colombrito has been a trained American Red Cross disaster mental health volunteer for the past two years, but it wasn’t until the Dec. 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., that he finally deployed. He spent nearly a week with residents of the town and quickly realized the importance of…continue reading