From the CEO

Monthly column from ACA CEO Richard Yep

CEO’s Message: Be not fearful of our future

Richard Yep October 29, 2019

Last month, Governing Council convened to discuss the American Counseling Association’s current strategic plan. Now in its second year, this road map helps to chart our direction for both the association and the profession. More than just an academic exercise, ACA’s plan is a living, breathing, evolving guide for ACA. I was impressed with the…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Calling all advocates

Richard Yep August 1, 2019

We simply must make sure that professional counselors are seen, that they are heard, and that we take advocacy seriously. Too many people in positions of authority to make decisions that affect counselors’ practice and the lives of clients do not have the information or expertise necessary to deliver choices that will be of the greatest community benefit.