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Monthly column from ACA CEO Richard Yep

CEO’s Message: You make the world a much better place

Richard Yep January 31, 2020

When I think about the embodiment of a true leader, I use descriptors such as inspirational, compassionate, caring, humble, willing to sacrifice, committed to listening, putting the good of the people above personal gain. Before anyone assumes that this is a column bashing the current U.S. president (although I suppose it could be), let me…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Be not fearful of our future

Richard Yep October 29, 2019

Last month, Governing Council convened to discuss the American Counseling Association’s current strategic plan. Now in its second year, this road map helps to chart our direction for both the association and the profession. More than just an academic exercise, ACA’s plan is a living, breathing, evolving guide for ACA. I was impressed with the…continue reading