From the Executive Director

CEO’s Message: Your light continues to shine brightly

Richard Yep November 30, 2018

Respectful discussion, the inclusion of diverse voices and compassion for our fellow humans seem to be waning these days. Many pundits and others will tell you what (or who) has driven this “new normal” in American society. But the question is, does it really matter who started this or who perpetuates the growing divide? Isn’t…continue reading

CEO’s Message: It starts with you: Helping the voiceless have a voice

Richard Yep August 1, 2018

In July, nearly 200 professional counselors went to Capitol Hill in Washington as part of the American Counseling Association’s Institute for Leadership Training (ILT). Celebrating its 10th year, the ILT brought together counseling leaders serving at the state, region, division and national levels. These counseling leaders, both seasoned and emerging, gathered to learn about key…continue reading