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Monthly column from ACA CEO Richard Yep

CEO’s Message: Upping our game

Richard Yep December 31, 2018

Each day it seems that the world becomes smaller thanks to the advent of technology, allowing us to more easily travel, communicate, interact and learn about others. From my perspective, this means we can also learn more about diverse cultures, customs, perspectives and motivations that we may not inherently understand. I’m not speaking here about…continue reading

CEO’s Message: Your light continues to shine brightly

Richard Yep November 30, 2018

Respectful discussion, the inclusion of diverse voices and compassion for our fellow humans seem to be waning these days. Many pundits and others will tell you what (or who) has driven this “new normal” in American society. But the question is, does it really matter who started this or who perpetuates the growing divide? Isn’t…continue reading