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Monthly column from the ACA CEO

CEO’s Message: Vision, action and hope for 2022

Richard Yep January 3, 2022

My hope is that 2022 will allow us to reflect on those things that are so important in life, to value the friendships and family that grace us, and to appreciate the opportunities that present themselves to us in the coming months. 

CEO’s Message: Achievements in spite of challenges

Richard Yep December 1, 2021

Any column referencing the good news of 2021 would not be complete without mentioning the great work being done by the members of ACA. You learned how to adapt so that you could continue serving as valuable resources and advocates for your clients and students.

CEO’s Message: Change happens

Richard Yep October 1, 2021

“… Your ACA is on the move. We have been learning to adapt to the changing needs of professional counselors, counselor educators and graduate students. We do this by asking you what you want. We also do this by hearing directly from you. That is something that will not change. We want to know how we can meet the professional needs that you have.”