From the President

From the President: Counselor collaboration and advocacy

Simone Lambert June 29, 2018

In 1952, Mother Teresa opened a free hospice in the city of Calcutta, Elizabeth II began her reign as queen of the United Kingdom and Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for the first time (for nine months) as punishment for nonviolent civil disobedience for his role as volunteer-in-chief of the Defiance Campaign. That year also included…continue reading

From the President: Reflection and erratum

Gerard Lawson June 1, 2018

This last column for Counseling Today is a little bittersweet. This past year, as I have had the privilege of serving as American Counseling Association president, I have written these articles on planes and trains, in airports and in hotel rooms. (I even managed to write one or two at home or in my office.)…continue reading

From the President: Mental health and optimal growth

Gerard Lawson April 30, 2018

After just wrapping up Counseling Awareness Month in April, we are heading into Mental Health Month, an initiative begun by Mental Health America that the American Counseling Association has participated in for decades. We know that counselors help people who have mental or emotional disorders, but counselors also help people who are struggling with life’s…continue reading