From the President

From the President: Everything is not a cause

S. Kent Butler October 1, 2021

Sometimes when we open our mouths to fight a cause, we are more annoying than we are impactful. We often jump on bandwagons without receiving context or knowing why we are doing a certain thing. Everything is not a cause! We sometimes protest too much. 

From the President: A time of intense difficulty

S. Kent Butler July 30, 2021

As we are suffering through things, we may not believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, but the truth of the matter is that we often emerge on the other side of trouble better and stronger for having persevered through it. There is a lesson to be learned somewhere in our hardships if we are truly listening — actively listening — and ready to hear it.

From the President: Shaking it up and tapping you in

S. Kent Butler July 1, 2021

Given where we have been, I know without a doubt that we are on an upward trajectory and destined for transformative justice. Counselors united! Ready to #ShakeItUp? Well, join me in making a difference because I am tapping you in. We are the game changers, so tap someone else in and begin the metamorphosis.

From the President: Ingenuity and perseverance

Sue Pressman June 1, 2021

In the spirit of resilience, as we pivot out of the darkness and into the light, everything is possible. The sky is no longer the limit.  On Feb. 18, a NASA helicopter named Ingenuity, attached to a rover named Perseverance, landed in the Jezero crater on Mars. On April 19, Ingenuity took its first of…continue reading