From the President

From the President: Making progress toward portability

Simone Lambert November 30, 2018

Imagine being able to move to another state and seamlessly maintain your license as a professional counselor. Consider the possibility of providing mental health services via telehealth across the nation without having to maintain 50-plus licenses. Envision working in the offices of a practice that spans two or three border states in a metropolitan area…continue reading

From the President: A counseling focus on teens and young adults

Simone Lambert November 1, 2018

Today’s adolescents and emerging adults are facing an ever-changing world, with growing repercussions on their well-being and ability to be contributing members of society. Young people struggle with forming their identities, engaging in healthy relationships and navigating life transitions. In addition to confronting the challenges of these developmental tasks, approximately 20 percent of youth experience…continue reading

From the president: Leadership in the counseling profession

Simone Lambert October 1, 2018

October means that it’s time for pumpkin spice lattes and that the fall counseling conference season is in high gear. When attending these ACA region, branch or division conferences, look around at the volunteer leaders who have worked tirelessly to put together top-notch professional development. Also note the presenters who put in many hours to…continue reading

From the president: Play: A critical modality

Simone Lambert August 31, 2018

The smell of a new box of crayons. The feel of a fresh can of Play-Doh. The sight of little miniatures neatly arranged in a sandbox. The sound of a puppet scene being acted out. These sensory experiences remind many of us of our childhood play with friends and family. When play therapy, the topic…continue reading