From the President

From the President: An expanded formula for life and career happiness

Sue Pressman March 1, 2021

As we look toward planning the next phase of our lives in a post-pandemic world, it seems to me it will be important to take a holistic approach that considers the emotional, social, physical, economic and spiritual values of one’s life, coupled with work and leisure activities. In doing so, a convergence or intersectionality occurs.

From the President: The healthy workplace

Sue Pressman February 1, 2021

The intersectionality of career and employment counseling with mental wellness has never been clearer. As we look over the themes that are applicable to the workplace, most if not all of them can be applied in any counseling setting.

From the President: Healing, health and happiness

Sue Pressman January 2, 2021

Rather than dwelling on how we have been emotionally drained to the point of exhaustion (and navigating this new world of Zoom fatigue), let’s embrace the future through the practice of camaraderie, outreach, caring and bonding.

From the President: Renewing focus on self-care and wellness

Sue Pressman December 1, 2020

As we coast into 2021, it has never been more imperative that we practice what we teach and advocate as counselors. To be our “healthiest self” by participating in daily exercise and incorporating wellness strategies into our lifestyle is of paramount importance.