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@TechCounselor: Counselors as innovators

By Adria S. Dunbar August 9, 2018

Have you ever been at work using a software system and thought to yourself, “It would be so nice if this software would let me do ___________”? Maybe you wish collaborative comments were possible when a team of providers is involved in client care. Perhaps you’d like it if calendar reminders included a two-sentence summary…continue reading

The age of isolation: How Instagram memes describe a lonely generation

By Adriana V. Cornell July 26, 2018

Instagram tells millions of stories. Many exhibit our personal daily moments, and, from a wider lens, others describe entire populations and social movements. With 800 million users, Instagram is one of the biggest and richest collections of societal data on the planet. We can learn a lot by noticing what these users choose to showcase…continue reading

Is depression lurking in your medicine cabinet?

By Bethany Bray July 16, 2018

An estimated one in three American adults are taking one or more medications that can – and often do – cause depression. A recent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study found that many common medications that Americans take regularly, such as drugs for acid reflux or high blood pressure, have the potential to cause depression…continue reading