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Volcanic adolescence

By Chris Warren-Dickins January 14, 2019

In the early days, Caroline, a 14-year-old girl, started each session with a chin thrust indignantly at her counselor. She wanted to be seen as a warrior, and she offered answers that were blunt as a sledgehammer. And why should she drop her defenses? She had seen too many adults — teachers, social workers, friends…continue reading

Behind the book: Counselor Education in the 21st Century

By Bethany Bray January 2, 2019

A counselor educator is much more than a hybrid of counselor and professor. The job requires skills from both of these realms, as well as those of an administrator, mentor, researcher, collaborator, gatekeeper and many others. It can be overwhelming if a person comes into the role unprepared, write Jane E. Atieno Okech and Deborah…continue reading

Our most-read articles of 2018

Counseling Today December 26, 2018

What were counselors reading in 2018? This year saw the explosion of the #MeToo movement, so it’s no surprise that a piece on supporting clients through sexual assault response was among the top five articles that received the most views at Counseling Today’s website, Readers were also interested in pieces on navigating and preventing…continue reading