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Behind the Book: The Creative Arts in Counseling

By Bethany Bray April 3, 2017

The power of creativity to spark change and progress in clients has fueled the growth of play therapy, wilderness therapy, animal-assisted therapy and other interventions in recent decades. But when Samuel Gladding first began to use creative approaches with clients in the 1970s, it was far from mainstream. Gladding, a professor in the Department of…continue reading

Career counselors: On the front lines of battling student stress

By Neil O’Donnell March 27, 2017

It won’t be news to most readers that undergraduate students everywhere encounter an incredible amount of stress throughout their college years. Colleges and universities offer a considerable range of services and programming to address a variety of stressors, including test anxiety, financial hurdles and personal struggles. Even with all that focus on helping students to mediate…continue reading

What gets in the way? Examining the breakdown between research and practice in counseling

By Samantha McMorrow March 22, 2017

It is frequently noted that counselor practitioners in the field do not contribute nearly enough to research and publications, despite calls for them to do so. It is believed that research should inform counseling practice and practice should inform counseling research, yet there appears to be a breakdown between the two. The counseling literature has…continue reading

Pettitt to counselors: What are we doing to carve out unity?

By Jonathan Rollins March 18, 2017

At Saturday’s keynote session at the ACA 2017 Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Jessica Pettitt was introduced as someone who “comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.” Then, shortly after taking the stage, she told the assembled crowd that she has created a career out of speaking about unspeakable topics. Given these early warnings,…continue reading