Special Features

Painter and Nawojchik take top honors in graduate student essay competitions

June 30, 2014

Everett Painter of the University of Tennessee and Claire Nawojchik of the University of Virginia were chosen as the grand prize winners in respective graduate student essay competitions. Painter submitted the top essay in the ACA Foundation’s Graduate Student Essay Competition supported by Gerald and Marianne Corey and Allen and Mary Bradford Ivey. The competition…continue reading

Riding out the economic storm

Robert J. Walsh and Norman C. Dasenbrook March 14, 2009

Q: It appears that the economy is not going to pull out of this downturn anytime in the near future. What impact will a poor economy have on professional counselors in private practice? A: Just like trying to predict the stock market, no one knows for certain what will happen. There is no crystal ball…continue reading