Dignity, Development & Diversity

Continuing the discussion about race, peace and justice

Michael D’Andrea and Judy Daniels December 30, 2007

Racism, religious bigotry, sexism/heterosexism and other forms of cultural oppression and social injustice continue to adversely impact the psychological well-being and healthy development of millions of persons all across the United States. There are individual, organizational-institutional and cultural manifestations of these problems. Individual forms of racism, religious bigotry and sexism/heterosexism continue to garner the most…continue reading

Teaching and learning about sexuality counseling in Taiwan

Stuart Chen Hayes November 1, 2007

In August 2005, Counseling Today published an article on same-gender parents raising children, and my family was one of three featured in the story. I made an offhand remark in the article about how my family would be traveling for two weeks in Taiwan in late 2005 and early 2006. American Counseling Association member Ta-Wei…continue reading

Love, hope, justice and multicultural counseling

Judy Daniels and Michael D’Andrea August 12, 2007

We begin the new year by focusing on several key concepts that underlie the multicultural counseling movement. Although the concepts of love, hope and justice are central to the work that culturally competent counselors do, these constructs are not always given the attention they deserve in counselor education training programs or at workshops presented at…continue reading

Addressing the problem of racism in school settings

Michael D’Andrea and Judy Daniels July 2, 2007

Although the complex problem of racism is often minimized in the minds of many persons, particularly among many White persons in our contemporary society, periodic and blatant manifestations of this problem remind us that this pervasive social pathology continues to exist in our nation. The recent racist and sexist comments made by radio host Don…continue reading

Trauma and the soul wound: A multicultural-social justice perspective

Judy Daniels and Michael D’Andrea June 18, 2007

Compared to traditional Western views about counseling, the multicultural-social justice movement promotes very different ways of thinking about mental health, psychological development and the important roles counselors can play in fostering these concepts. The issue of trauma is an excellent example. Significant differences exist in the way many traditionally trained counselors think about trauma and…continue reading