Private Practice in Counseling

Does incorporating offer extra protection?

Robert J. Walsh and Norman C. Dasenbrook April 3, 2008

Q: I’m an LCPC in Northern Illinois. I have a private practice and have always wondered if my home and personal assets are protected in the event of a lawsuit. I have the recommended malpractice insurance coverage. However, I am not incorporated. Some social workers I know say they are incorporated because it prevents anyone…continue reading

Collaborative law offers emerging income stream

Robert J. Walsh and Norman C. Dasenbrook February 3, 2008

Q: You talk a lot about multiple income streams for a successful practice. In my practice, I have incorporated that concept and do traditional talk therapy, work with insurance and managed care companies, contract with employee assistance programs, give speeches on parenting and positive communication, and conduct a mood disorders support group. As I have…continue reading

Dealing with managed care denials

Robert J. Walsh and Norman C. Dasenbrook January 6, 2008

Q: I have an individual part-time private practice in Michigan. In my area, several licensed professional counselors have experienced difficulty gaining access to insurance panels and reimbursement. To help learn from each other, we have begun to discuss becoming a group practice. However, we are struggling with how we look into this option — the…continue reading

Maintaining client files

Robert J. Walsh and Norman C. Dasenbrook November 1, 2007

Q: I am all set to start my private practice after attending your workshop in North Carolina. I have two questions. First, I’ve searched the ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, sixth edition, and your book, The Complete Guide to Private Practice for Licensed Mental Health Professionals, and I am unable to find “the number of years” a…continue reading

By any other name, it’s still fraud

Robert J. Walsh and Norman C. Dasenbrook October 1, 2007

Q: I have just joined an established private practice. The majority of clients in this practice want to use their third-party (insurance) benefits. I am applying to get on insurance and managed care panels. In the meantime, I have two new clients who have insurance that won’t cover me. The practice has offered to bill…continue reading