Your Counseling Career

Career planning helps you reach your goals

Amy Reece Connelly August 1, 2008

Q: I’m trying to develop a 10-year plan for my career. How do you suggest I approach this? A: Stephen Covey devotees will recognize the following piece of advice: “Begin with the end in mind.” Covey holds that all things are created twice: first in the imagination and then later in reality. If you first…continue reading

Dressing for success: Some rules never change

Amy Reece Connelly June 2, 2008

Is there anyone who doesn’t face each new season by opening the closet door and trying to determine what they have to wear for the impending changing weather? Similarly, is there anyone who has never stressed out — even a little bit — about what they’re going to wear? Take a couple of minutes to…continue reading

Conference participation boosts career success

Amy Reece Connelly January 6, 2008

People attend professional conferences for a number of reasons. Whether you are attending your first conference or your 30th, goals are important. Professional growth and renewal through educational sessions and networking opportunities are desired outcomes for all of us. It’s easy to get sidetracked, though, if you haven’t defined what you want to accomplish. Gather…continue reading

A cornucopia of career tidbits

Amy Reece Connelly September 2, 2007

Do you remember a few months ago when President George W. Bush signed legislation specifically identifying counselors as providers of mental health care for veterans? In case you were wondering what has happened since, here’s word from Scott Barstow, the American Counseling Association’s director of Public Policy and Legislation. “The American Counseling Association is working…continue reading

The importance of follow-up

By Amy Reece Connelly August 12, 2007

Follow-up. It’s one of the most crucial elements in a job search, yet only a small percentage of candidates perform any sort of follow-up. Consider these scenarios. Scenario #1: You found the perfect job. The description was written for someone with your exact background. You spent hours putting the final touches on your résumé and…continue reading