Marketplace Advertising

Do you have a seminar, book or practice you’d like to sell? the online Counseling Marketplace will bring you results! Located at CTOnline, the new Counseling Marketplace replaces the general classified ads. We can create categories to satisfy your needs!


Days Posted        Rate
30 days               $100
60 days               $170
90 days               $240
120 days             $300
180 days             $420
365 days             $720



Counseling Marketplace Specifications:

  • Maximum 100 words per ad
  • Pre-payment required, no refunds
  • Email ad to Steve West,



  1. Mei Lin Boykin

    I would like to order the hard copies of the Counselor Today publication. Is there a way to order online?

    1. Jonathan Rollins

      Good morning, Mei. To receive hard copies of Counseling Today, you either need to become a member of the American Counseling Association (go to and click on “Membership” for more information) or purchase a nonmember subscription, which is $176 for 12 monthly issues). To subscribe, you would contact or call 800-835-6770.

      If you have other questions, you can contact the Counseling Today staff directly at

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