Counseling vs. life coaching

By Jim Paterson December 15, 2008

The relationship between professional counselors and life coaches is sometimes akin to that of stepsiblings. They are loosely connected because they share the same family name — “helping professional.” And because of that name, those outside the “family” sometimes link the two (like it or not). However, like stereotypical stepsiblings, although counselors and life coaches…continue reading

ACA member perspectives on counseling vs. life coaching

December 5, 2008

When Counseling Today announced it was going to be publishing an article on counseling vs. life coaching, responses poured in from ACA members. While we didn’t have enough space in the magazine to include them all, we wanted to offer some of the other perspectives here CT Online. “The majority of my work is coaching.…continue reading

Reconsidering ADHD

By Laurie Meyers July 20, 2016

The stereotypical image of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the raucous little boy who can’t sit still in the classroom and is a discipline problem at home. But counselors who commonly work with ADHD know that it can also manifest as a young girl who is seemingly always in her own world or an adult who…continue reading