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Our most-read articles of 2018

Counseling Today December 26, 2018

What were counselors reading in 2018?

This year saw the explosion of the #MeToo movement, so it’s no surprise that a piece on supporting clients through sexual assault response was among the top five articles that received the most views at Counseling Today’s website, ct.counseling.org.

Readers were also interested in pieces on navigating and preventing professional burnout, as well as helping clients with workplace stress, chronic pain, eating disorders, parenting issues, trauma and a variety of other topics.

Interestingly, the top search terms that brought readers to ct.counseling.org in 2018 included “polyvagal theory,” “dual relationships in counseling,” “working with client lies and concealment,” “self-care for counselors” and “how to deal with countertransference.”

Close to 150 articles, both online-exclusive pieces and articles that also appeared in Counseling Today’s print magazine, were posted at ct.counseling.org in 2018.


Most-viewed articles posted in 2018 at ct.counseling.org

  1. The hurting counselor” (Member Insights on practitioner burnout, August magazine)
  2. The battle against burnout” (Cover story, April magazine)
  3. Parenting in the 21st century” (Cover story, March magazine)
  4. Effective ways to approach sexual assault response,” (Member Insights, July magazine)
  5. The therapy behind play therapy” (Cover story, September magazine)
  6. Understanding and treating survivors of incest” (Knowledge Share, March magazine)
  7. Could toxic workplaces be killing your clients?” (Feature, October magazine)
  8. Why do cops avoid counseling? Eight myths about law enforcement officers and mental health treatment” (Online exclusive, January)
  9. Talking through the pain” (Feature on helping clients with chronic pain, February magazine)
  10. Food for thought” (Cover story on disordered eating, February magazine)
  11. Past trauma in counselors-in-training: Help or hindrance?” (Online exclusive, May)
  12. When panic attacks” (Feature, August magazine)
  13. When help isn’t helpful: Overfunctioning for clients” (Online exclusive, March)
  14. Moving through trauma” (Member Insights on healing through yoga, breathwork and meditation, November magazine)
  15. The opioid crisis and a wounded counselor’s heart” (Online exclusive, May)
  16. Counseling people who stutter” (Member Insights, April magazine)
  17. Standing in the shadow of addiction” (Feature on supporting the adult children of parents with alcohol use disorders, November magazine)
  18. Five strategies to develop mental health models in schools” (Member Insights, March magazine)
  19. When bias turns into bullying” (Feature, July magazine)
  20. The social justice of adoption” (Online exclusive, June)






What was your favorite article of 2018? What would you like to see Counseling Today and CT Online cover in 2019?

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2017’s most-read articles

January 3, 2018

What were counselors reading in 2017?

The year’s most-read post at Counseling Today online was a first-person article that shared insights on recovering from — and avoiding — practitioner burnout. Readers were also interested in pieces that shared professional insights on social issues, strengthening the therapeutic relationship, client issues such as trauma and anxiety, navigating technology, counselor licensure and other topics.

Interestingly, the top five search terms that brought online searchers to the Counseling Today website were “countertransference,” “self-care for counselors,” “multicultural competence,” “empathy fatigue” and “dual relationships in counseling.”

More than 150 articles, both online-exclusive pieces and articles that also appeared in Counseling Today’s print magazine, were posted at ct.counseling.org in 2017.

Most-viewed articles posted in 2017 at ct.counseling.org

  1. A counselor’s journey back from burnout” (Member Insights, April magazine)
  2. Yalom urges ACA attendees to hold fast to self-care and the therapeutic alliance” (Online exclusive coverage of Irvin Yalom’s keynote speech at ACA 2017 Conference & Expo in San Francisco; posted in March)
  3. Informed by trauma” (Cover story, October magazine)
  4. Facing the fear of incompetence” (Feature, April magazine)
  5. ACA continues push forward for licensure portability” (Feature, July magazine)
  6. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD): A guide for mental health professionals” (Member Insights, July magazine)
  7. Living with anxiety” (Cover story, June magazine)
  8. Facing the realities of racism” (Cover story, February magazine)
  9. The (misguided) pursuit of happiness” (Feature, February magazine)
  10. Creative and novel approaches to empathy” (Knowledge Share, February magazine)
  11. Mental health implications of undocumented immigrant status” (Knowledge Share, April magazine)
  12. A protocol for ‘should’ thoughts” (Online exclusive, posted in October)
  13. Technology Tutor: Revisiting the ethics of discussing clients online” (Column, November magazine)
  14. Nonprofit News: Self-care for caregivers” (Online column, posted in March)
  15. When brain meets body” (Cover story, March magazine)
  16. Key concepts from Gestalt therapy for non-Gestalt therapists” (Knowledge share, June magazine)
  17. Becoming shameless” (Cover story, May magazine)
  18. The selfish act of forgiving” (Feature, May magazine)
  19. Observations from a licensing board” (Online exclusive, posted in July)
  20. Conversion therapy: Learning to love myself again” (Online exclusive, posted in February)







What was your favorite article of 2017? What would you like to see Counseling Today and CT Online cover in 2018? Leave a reply in the comment section below, or email us at CT@counseling.org






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CT Online’s most-read articles of 2016

December 27, 2016

What were professional counselors reading at CT Online in 2016? The year’s most popular new posts ran the gamut, from articles on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder to technology to issues surrounding multiculturalism and social justice. More than 150 articles, both online-exclusive pieces and articles that also appeared in Counseling Today’s print magazine, were posted at ct.counseling.org in 2016.


Most-viewed articles posted in 2016 at ct.counseling.org

  1. Why failing the NCMHCE felt so good” (Online exclusive; posted in January)
  2. Coping with college” (Cover story; April magazine)
  3. Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies: Practical applications in counseling” (Feature article; February magazine)
  4. Reconsidering ADHD” (Cover story; August magazine)
  5. The anxiety behind selective mutism” (Online exclusive; posted in January)
  6. License to deny services” (Cover story; July magazine)
  7. Immigration’s growing impact on counseling” (Cover story; February magazine)
  8. The counselor’s role in ensuring school safety” (Cover story; September magazine)
  9. Gut health and healthy brain function in children with ADHD and ASD” (Online exclusive; posted in February)
  10. Using ‘Inside Out’ to discuss emotions with children in therapy” (Online exclusive; posted in March)
  11. Why can’t we be friends?” (Knowledge Share; February magazine)
  12. Technology Tutor: Thinking about discussing clients online? Think twice” (Column; September magazine)
  13. Raising counselors’ awareness of microaggressions” (Member Insights; June magazine)
  14. Stepping across the poverty line” (Cover story; June magazine)
  15. Counseling ‘unlikeable’ clients” (Feature article; September magazine)
  16. Counseling babies” (Knowledge Share; August magazine)
  17. Addressing ethical issues in treating client self-injury” (Knowledge Share; August magazine)
  18. Grief: Going beyond death and stages” (Cover story; November magazine)
  19. ACA endorses animal-assisted therapy competencies” (Online exclusive; posted in August)
  20. Controversies in the evolving diagnosis of PTSD” (Knowledge Share; March magazine)




What was your favorite article of 2016? What would you like to see Counseling Today and CT Online cover in 2017? Leave a reply in the comment section below, or email us at CT@counseling.org






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Counseling Today, CT Online recognized for excellence

June 29, 2015

Counseling Today and its companion website, CT Online, received three awards in APEX 2015, the 27th annual awards program celebrating publication excellence among communications professionals.

Senior writer Laurie Meyers won two Awards of Excellence. One was in the feature writing category for her April 2014 cover story, “Ages and stages,” which looked at the need for counselors to help 2015 APEX awardolder adults as they encounter new life challenges and transitions. The second award, in the category of health and medical writing, was given for her June 2014 feature article, “Tossing and turning in the digital age.” The article examined the connections being made between sleep quality and a range of physical and mental health issues.

CT Online (ct.counseling.org) received an Award of Excellence in the category of best WordPress sites. This is the second straight year that APEX has honored CT Online. Staff writer Bethany Bray handles day-to-day oversight of the website and wrote approximately 40 of the online exclusives posted to CT Online during the past year.

This is the 11th consecutive year that Counseling Today has been recognized in national publication competitions. In total, the staff has won 36 awards for writing, design and website content since 2005.



Most-read posts of 2014 at CT Online

Counseling Today January 1, 2015

As we flip the calendar forward to January, we’re taking some time to reflect on the more than 150 articles 2014yearinreviewthat were posted at CT Online in 2014.

From a remembrance of Maya Angelou to an in-depth piece on eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), we’ve focused on the news and issues that affect the counseling profession.

Milestones of 2014 include approval of a newly revised ACA Code of Ethics and the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC)’s first-ever conference, held in New Orleans in September.


CT Online’s most-read articles posted in 2014:


1. 2014 ACA Code of Ethics approved by Governing Council (Online Exclusive, posted in March) bit.ly/1i4ehSO


2. Addressing clients’ prejudices in counseling (Knowledge Share, posted in January) bit.ly/1i3TuAG


3. A living document of ethical guidance (Cover Story, posted in May) bit.ly/1B28EP1


4. The toll of childhood trauma (Cover Story, posted in June) bit.ly/1JOMshA


5. EMDR for the co-occurring population (Magazine Feature, posted in May) bit.ly/1JON7Q5


6. Counseling goes to the movies (Online Exclusive, posted in December) bit.ly/1AWKDcq


7. The inner life of the counselor (Knowledge Share, posted in April) bit.ly/1CCkktk


8. Sex offender therapy: A battle on multiple fronts (Magazine Opinion, posted in March) bit.ly/1HvTqUR


9. Connecting with clients (Cover Story, posted in August) bit.ly/16Nb2Az


10. ACA’s first counselor compensation study reports varied pay, good benefits (Online Exclusive, posted in September) bit.ly/1xdNJLT


11. Quieting the inner critic (Cover Story, posted in January) bit.ly/LZ0Uu9


12. America’s mental health disparities (Online Exclusive, posted in December) bit.ly/1E7Z2bA


13. CACREP degree to be required for counselor licensure in Ohio (Online Exclusive, posted in May) bit.ly/1x0e4uP


14. The toughest kinds of groups (Knowledge Share, posted in February) bit.ly/1mBAfAq


15. The dance between codependents and narcissists (Online Exclusive, posted in March) bit.ly/1nMLV3K





What was your favorite posting of 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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