Behind the book: Neurocounseling: Brain-Based Clinical Approaches

Neurocounseling interventions strengthen the intentionality of counseling. Understanding the brain and its functions make skill selection and strategies even easier.


The Counseling Connoisseur: Compassion and self-care during flu season

Tips to get counselors and clients through the cold and flu season, from clarifying your cancellation policy to keeping a “care kit” of lozenges, tea, disinfectant wipes and other supplies at the ready.


@TechCounselor: Translating emails into efficient to-do lists

As counselors, we don’t want to let people down or not fulfill an obligation, but without a means to set reminders or make a note, that is likely happen.


Fried chicken, watermelon, addiction and Appalachia

A counselor of color shares his experience of addressing diversity issues in an addictions process group.


Differentiation of self through the lens of mindfulness

Potential implications for personal growth and clinical practice merit further consideration of the convergences between differentiation and mindfulness.


Cover Stories

Food for thought

With January now behind us, the annual barrage of diet and fitness commercials has started to fade. Many people who made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or “get fit” have already labeled themselves failures for indulging on leftover holiday chocolate and not making it to the gym more than twice per week. Other determined…continue reading


Talking through the pain

By the time the 43-year-old man, a victim of an industrial accident, limped into American Counseling Association member David Engstrom’s office, he’d been experiencing lower back pain for 10 years and taking OxyContin for six. The client, whose pain was written in the grimace on his face as he sat down, was a referral from…continue reading

Technology Tutor: Scams aimed at counselors

Unlike social media, scams aren’t something new brought on by the advent of technology and the internet. Con artists, swindlers, charlatans, grifters — whatever you might call them — have existed since the dawn of humanity. What is new, however, is that these purveyors of fraud can carry out their schemes with more reach, speed…continue reading

Changing the conversation about aging

Picture a grandson trying to help his grandfather adjust the tracking on his VCR. In the corner, the grandson’s friend jokes that they are ignoring the larger issue — that no one uses VCRs anymore. When the grandfather starts talking about his life, the young men make up an excuse to leave, but the grandfather…continue reading

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Behind the book: Neurocounseling: Brain-Based Clinical Approaches

The influence of neuroscience on the counseling profession is growing. So much so that the American Counseling Association has an interest network of members devoted to its exploration and discussion. Neuroscience can be both a tool — one of many — in a counselor’s toolbox and a game-changing way to conceptualize clients, conduct assessments and…continue reading

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Differentiation of self through the lens of mindfulness

A few years ago, while teaching a course in family therapy, a particularly bright and insightful student named Maria lingered after class one day and asked, “Isn’t differentiation of self similar to mindfulness?” I hadn’t quite thought of it like that before, but it certainly seemed plausible. “Let’s set aside some time to talk,” I…continue reading

Understanding the connection between nutrition and mental health

In recent years, obesity has seized the attention of the medical field and the media. Now our schools are starting to recognize the impact of obesity on mental health. The United States is known internationally for its larger plate sizes, big portions and supersized meals in restaurants. However, we are also witnessing the beginnings of…continue reading

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Ethics, religion and diversity

Tears streamed down her face. Kaylah (not her real name) was a 21-year-old woman struggling with a romance in trouble. I’d seen it many times, even though I’d only been in the field for a few years at this point. My heart broke for Kaylah as I saw the same old story played out in…continue reading

Creating comics with clients

Academic and clinical interest regarding the intersection of comics and health care is high right now, which is no surprise to readers of Counseling Today. The July 2017 issue of Counseling Today featured a cover story titled “‘Cultured’ counseling” that provided perspectives on the clinical utility of integrating pop culture (such as video games, movies…continue reading