Shifting student demographics shine light on need for greater cultural awareness in schools

This fall marks the first time that there is a statistical “minority majority” in U.S. public schools, with students of color surpassing the number of white students.


Exploring the impact of war

Counselors who have a firm grasp of the stressors that combat veterans face and the empirically based treatments for reducing combat-related trauma symptoms can serve as valuable allies to military clients. READ MORE …

Addressing learners’ emotional reactions to race-based trainings

To establish a sense of safety and remove impediments to learning, instructors of race-based trainings must anticipate and address reactions ranging from shock and anger to guilt and fear. READ MORE …

Midcourse corrections

Counselors should be prepared to address a wide range of life span issues as female clients confront the ever-shifting concept of “middle age.”


Group Process from a Diversity Lens: Who’s going to stand up?

We all have something of which we are ashamed. To go on with our lives, we need to take responsibility, forgive ourselves and others, and then try again.


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All in the family

When Russian author Leo Tolstoy wrote in his novel Anna Karenina, “Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” he was definitely on to something. A dysfunctional family environment has myriad effects on its members — effects that are intricately woven by factors such as personalities, communication abilities, attachment issues and sometimes even family…continue reading



Midcourse corrections

Picture a female client facing a bleak employment market, stressing out about finding a new living space and struggling to find a boyfriend who wants the same things she does. She also suffers from low self-esteem and has been dabbling in some disordered eating. Based on that description, perhaps you are envisioning a millennial in…continue reading


Group Process from a Diversity Lens: Who’s going to stand up?

The final vignette of this series reflects an actual situation that occurred in my diversity workshop. I am including my thoughts/rationale and the intervention I used during the situation, as well as questions for other group facilitators to consider, possible group/dyad exercises and a summary that helps to place the event in a larger societal…continue reading


Prepping for the new SAT

Earlier this year, College Board President and CEO David Coleman faulted his own company’s test, the SAT, and its main competitor, the ACT, for being “disconnected from the work of our high schools.” In an effort to address that disconnect, among other goals, the College Board announced it would be revamping the SAT, with a…continue reading

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ACA’s first counselor compensation study reports varied pay, good benefits

The American Counseling Association recently released its 2014 counselor compensation survey, the organization’s first large-scale effort to determine the salary levels, health care and other benefits earned by those in the counseling profession. The project determined that the average primary salary for counselor educators is $66,405 annually. Rehabilitation counselors make $53,561 on average annually, while…continue reading

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Addressing learners’ emotional reactions to race-based trainings

When addressing race-based topics in counselor trainings, have you noticed times when learners’ emotional reactions inhibited their abilities to absorb training material or your ability to instruct? If the answer is yes, know that you are not alone. Race-based trainings are not for the faint of heart — at least not if done well. As…continue reading

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Exploring the impact of war

A small town celebrates a homecoming. Parties are given in honor of the combat veteran who has returned home triumphantly. Families and loved ones are reunited, and community leaders show honor to the warrior by offering laud in public ceremonies. All appears to be whole again. But as the dust settles and the town returns to its…continue reading

Losing face: How Facebook disconnects us

This past February, Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday. According to its website, Facebook now boasts more than 1.28 billion active users, and on any given day, more than 60 percent of those users access the site. Facebook’s stated mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”…continue reading