Fresh thinking on old issues

The 2015 ACA Conference provided fertile ground for innovative thinking in counseling, including some emerging perspectives on trauma, suicide and bullying.


Confirming the benefits of emotional support animals

The responsibility of providing documentation that would allow individuals to have an emotional support animal live with them should not be taken lightly.


Suicide prevention: There’s an app for that

SAMHSA has designed a new smartphone app to put suicide prevention tools and resources at the fingertips of medical and mental health professionals.


Assessing ‘ideal’ versus ‘real’ family characteristics with adolescents

Using creativity to bridge the gap between lessons learned in the counseling office and an adolescent’s home setting.


Family-centered, child-inclusive divorce

Keeping “family” in the center of family change.


Cover Stories

Fresh thinking on old issues

Trauma, suicide and bullying are not new topics for most counselors, who at some point in their careers have likely worked with clients on each of these issues. However, as research and practice continue to progress, some counselors are using emerging approaches or perspectives to tackle these problems. At the American Counseling Association’s 2015 Conference…continue reading



Addressing counseling’s portability crisis

It’s a frustrating scenario that happens all too often. A counselor moves to a new state and finds that although she has been practicing and licensed for years (or sometimes even decades), she doesn’t meet the requirements to become licensed in her new place of residence. That’s because counselor licensure titles and requirements across the…continue reading


Technology Tutor: Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Denial is a powerful defense mechanism, and despite all of our knowledge and training as counselors, many of us still stick our heads in the sand concerning the potential for the unexpected to affect us, our practices and our clients. In dealing with insurance companies, taking notes, handling phone calls or creating a contingency plan…continue reading


Counseling clients with cancer

As of Jan. 1, there is official recognition that a cancer diagnosis can, and often does, affect a patient’s mental health. At the beginning of the year, a requirement was put in place for cancer programs to screen all patients for psychosocial distress in order to receive accreditation through the American College of Surgeons Commission on…continue reading

Online Exclusives

Confirming the benefits of emotional support animals

Have you received a telephone call of the following nature? “Can you certify my pet to be an emotional support animal?” If you are a professional counselor, then the likelihood of you receiving such a request is on the rise. This is because word is spreading that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development…continue reading

Suicide prevention: There’s an app for that

A new smartphone app has been designed to put suicide prevention tools and resources at the fingertips of medical and mental health professionals. Practitioners who download the free Suicide Safe app will have access to case studies, training and data to help them recognize and address suicide risk in patients and clients. The Substance Abuse…continue reading

Knowledge Share

A visual picture of the human psyche

The Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI) is a Jungian instrument based on symbols and colors that are chosen intuitively. When displayed on the developmental template of the Great Round, these symbols and colors reveal a visual picture of one’s psyche. Joan Kellogg developed MARI as an art therapy tool in the 1970s. An art therapist…continue reading

Empowering youth victimized by cyberbullying

Technology has changed the way adolescents bully one another. What once happened during an eight-hour school day now happens online within the home environment. This form of bullying is inescapable and occurs at all hours of the day and night. For victims, the consequences of being targeted by this behavior can range from lowered academic…continue reading

Reader Viewpoint

The end of counseling as we know it

In the mid-1960s, Joseph Weizenbaum, a pioneer in computer science working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory, developed a very simple computer program named ELIZA that was capable of having a conversation with a human being. ELIZA’s responses were programmed in a way that mimicked what might happen in a…continue reading

Beyond LGB

Counselors are familiar with the meaning of the word oppression. We take a multicultural counseling course that covers the definition during the early developmental stages of our counseling career. Many of us feel the weight of a biased system that puts immense pressure on us, both systemically and individually. We may even advocate for ourselves…continue reading