Group Process From a Diversity Lens: The Car Repair

We all have something of which we are ashamed or not proud. To go on with our lives, we need to take responsibility, forgive ourselves and others, and then try again. READ MORE …

And baby makes three

A counselor’s pregnancy can trigger unexpected reactions from clients, sometimes introducing new challenges — or opportunities — into the therapeutic relationship. READ MORE …

Advocacy in action

Whether it’s advocating for clients, communities, causes, social changes or even the profession itself, many of today’s counselors are doing some of their most important work outside of counseling sessions. READ MORE …

Crossing the finish line: Boston returns to the scene of last year’s trauma

Returning to the scene of the trauma at last year’s Boston Marathon will have many metal health implications, not only for the runners but the spectators, local residents and those watching on television, far and wide. READ MORE …

Virtual school counseling brings unique rewards and challenges

Everything is done online at a virtual school, from classroom lessons to turning in homework. So too for virtual school counselors, who are never in the same room with the students and parents they counsel. Yet, they make it work. READ MORE …

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Advocacy in action

Advocacy is a concept that can evoke visions of protesters and picket lines, phone banks and information booths, and maybe even knocking on doors and accosting strangers on the street. But at its most basic level, advocacy means to help or assist, and isn’t that the essence of counseling? “I feel that the basic principles of…continue reading



The car repair

This vignette and those to follow in the coming months are actual situations that have occurred in my diversity workshops. They will include my thoughts/rationale and the interventions I used, as well as questions for the facilitator, group/dyad exercises and a summary that helps to place the event in a larger societal context. All the…continue reading


And baby makes three

I remember the first client I told about my pregnancy. I was starting to show and realized I couldn’t put the news off any longer. Dawn (client names have been changed throughout to protect confidentiality) was the one person on my caseload I was nervous about telling because she was going through fertility treatments to become…continue reading


Group process from a diversity lens

At the 2012 American Counseling Association Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Lee Mun Wah presented an education session titled “Let’s Get Real About Racism: Cultural Competency for Counselors.” The session was described this way: “Through guided questions, we will examine some of the fears and stereotypes that prevent us from having truly open, authentic conversations.…continue reading

Online Exclusives

Virtual school counseling brings unique rewards and challenges

As a school counselor in Florida, Kristina Knight helps students decide which classes to sign up for and organizes programs on goal setting, drug abuse and bullying. Nothing unusual there. But something sets Knight apart from the large majority of her school counseling colleagues: She is never in the same room as the thousands of…continue reading

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Beyond cultural competence

Successfully partnering with and providing culturally responsive services to communities of color require more than cultural competence. The multicultural counseling competencies, adopted by the American Counseling Association and the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development in 1992, were a major step in recognizing the unique needs of communities of color. These competencies do not, however,…continue reading

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Sex offender therapy: A battle on multiple fronts

Working with individuals with sex offense convictions is a specialized area of counseling. There are also “specialties within the specialty” when factoring in the different venues for treatment, including programs in prison, in private practice (often with those on postprison supervision or probation) and in mental institutions. The individuals within this population are generally quite…continue reading

Counselors and the clinical staging model

Counseling is a preventive profession, typically working with issues and challenges that our clients face daily. However, client concerns often exist at deeper levels, and counseling process often shades into therapy. As counselors, you regularly encounter children and youth who may be at risk. Whether with a medicated child who has been deemed as having…continue reading