Unhappy holidays: Helping clients through the ‘holiday blues’

For counselors, the key to helping clients through this difficult time of year is to plan ahead and talk about the pressures of the season before they climax.


America’s mental health disparities

Mental Health America recently compiled a state-by-state ranking of mental health indicators nationwide. READ MORE …

Counseling goes to the movies

We asked counselors to tell us about their favorite movies. From Silver Linings Playbook to Terms of Endearment, their responses show how art – in this case, film – can truly imitate life.


To whom shall I refer?

Addressing clients’ religious and spiritual concerns as they relate to mental health is a requisite cultural competency for counselors, but understanding the disciplines of Christian counseling, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction can help determine when and how to make an appropriate referral.


The lingering crisis of the Great Recession

As the jobless rate continues to drop, suggesting that the nation’s workforce has slowly returned to business as usual, why do millions of people who have been unemployed long term still find themselves on the outside looking in — and what can counselors do to help?


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Look before you leap

For many counselor clinicians, opening a private practice is the epitome of “living the dream.” After all, you get to be your own boss, set your own hours and control how much you get paid. On the surface, it sounds wonderful. But moving into private practice requires extensive planning as well as a set of…continue reading



The lingering crisis of the Great Recession

Anyone who has ever lost a job knows that it takes time to find another one, particularly in times of high unemployment. Since the start of the Great Recession in December 2007, millions of Americans have experienced long periods of unemployment. These extended stretches of joblessness are not only financially devastating but also detrimental to the…continue reading


Midcourse corrections

Picture a female client facing a bleak employment market, stressing out about finding a new living space and struggling to find a boyfriend who wants the same things she does. She also suffers from low self-esteem and has been dabbling in some disordered eating. Based on that description, perhaps you are envisioning a millennial in…continue reading


Group Process from a Diversity Lens: Who’s going to stand up?

The final vignette of this series reflects an actual situation that occurred in my diversity workshop. I am including my thoughts/rationale and the intervention I used during the situation, as well as questions for other group facilitators to consider, possible group/dyad exercises and a summary that helps to place the event in a larger societal…continue reading

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Unhappy holidays: Helping clients through the ‘holiday blues’

The holidays are supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” right? After all, the greeting cards and carols of the season are filled with words like “cheer,” “joy,” “merry” and “happy.” For many people though, the holidays invite the opposite: dread, deep sadness or a resurgence of anxiety, grief or other mental…continue reading

America’s mental health disparities

When it comes to mental health care, how does your home state rank? The advocacy organization Mental Health America (MHA) recently compiled a state-by-state ranking of mental health indicators nationwide. The 50-page report exposes disparities across the United States, not only in the availability of mental health services but also in the number of uninsured…continue reading

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To whom shall I refer?

After three sessions with “Alicia,” a 45-year-old African American woman who was the victim of acquaintance rape, the treatment goals centered on addressing her symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The perpetrator of the rape had been a member of Alicia’s church. Although Alicia had subsequently stopped attending worship, the counselor viewed this strictly as…continue reading

Reader Viewpoint

Entering the danger zone

For the most part, the United States lacks a coherent and systematic approach to sexual education. Instead, as lampooned in an online issue of The Onion, sex education is typically informal, unorganized and inaccurate. The Onion article describes a scene in which a 10-year-old boy takes his 8-year-old cousin behind his parents’ garage with a…continue reading

The case for animal-protective counseling practice

As counselors know, the ethical and legal requirement of the “duty to warn” has been adopted as a standard of care across many helping professions. It probably represents one of the most universal elements of counseling ethics regardless of cultural or national identity. Based on the Hippocratic notion of “first, do no harm” or avoidance…continue reading