Behind the Book: Gatekeeping in the Mental Health Professions

An important issue that is sometimes avoided, gatekeeping is of growing interest in the counseling profession and an often-discussed topic at professional conferences. READ MORE ...

Bringing CBT into the doctor’s office

Can aspects of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) be useful in a primary care setting? Two counselors recently spoke with medical personnel about CBT take-aways they can use with patients that present symptoms of anxiety and other mental illness. READ MORE ...

Technology Tutor: Making sure your website is seen and complies with the ACA Code of Ethics

Even when referred directly to a counselor by someone else, many prospective clients want to read more about the counselor online before making contact. READ MORE ...

Identifying colors to create a rainbow of cohesion in the workplace for helping professionals

Creating mind-mapping trainings designed to honor individual uniqueness, such as the identification of favorite colors, can help us achieve workplace cohesion. READ MORE ...

Group counseling with clients receiving medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders

The combination of medication and therapy offers a holistic approach to treatment that is particularly effective when implemented in integrated care settings. READ MORE ...

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The therapy behind play therapy

Ashley Wroton, a licensed professional counselor (LPC), says parents of her young clients have told her that pediatricians sometimes make comments suggesting that they try “real” therapy with their child rather than play therapy. “Play therapy is real therapy,” says Wroton, a registered play therapist who works with clients ages 3-12 at a group outpatient…continue reading


Talking about #MeToo

In 2006, activist Tarana Burke founded the “me too” movement — a grassroots campaign to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of color from low-wealth communities. Over time, the movement with a simple message — you are not alone — built a community of survivors from all walks of life. In fall 2017,…continue reading

Left to their own devices

Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper? Never mind, it’s tearable. They may make you chuckle (or, alternatively, roll your eyes and groan), but there’s little denying that “dad jokes” such as this one help to perpetuate the stereotype of fathers as inept, ridiculous and out of touch. Of course, fathers have…continue reading

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Behind the Book: Gatekeeping in the Mental Health Professions

The academic evaluation of graduate students in counseling education programs is straightforward: Their ability to master the material becomes apparent in grades assigned and credits earned. “However, evaluating trainee competency in the domains of interpersonal behavior, intrapersonal functioning and professional conduct to determine readiness to practice is much more subjective,” write Alicia M. Homrich and…continue reading

Bringing CBT into the doctor’s office

When you get your annual physical, does your primary care physician ask if you’ve been feeling atypically sad or anxious lately? Primary care doctors are often the first professional a person will tell about symptoms related to depression or other mental health issues. With this in mind, two Pennsylvania counselors have created a presentation on…continue reading

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Addressing ethnic self-hatred in Latinx undergraduates

When Europeans first made contact with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, a path toward Eurocentrism was set in the Western Hemisphere. In the years since the conquest and colonization of North America and the establishment of the United States, the cultural values and social policies of this country have favored people of Western European…continue reading

Addicted to sex?

Sex and sexuality are necessary, healthy and, arguably, sacred aspects of the human experience. What happens, though, when sex is used not to enhance intimacy and connection with others but, rather, becomes out of control? What happens when a person describes a clear set of personal values around sexual behavior yet consistently crosses his or…continue reading

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The hurting counselor

It was like someone was sitting on my chest. From the moment I awoke each day, I could barely breathe, and throughout the day, I teetered on the verge of tears. My wife and I had separated, and I thought my 20-year marriage was about to end. My heart was in shreds and, especially because…continue reading