Nonprofit News: Becoming the leader you always wanted

A happy employee is a good and productive employee. Empower those on your team as much as possible to make some level of decisions. Encourage them to think for themselves while staying within the bounds that you set.


‘Cultured’ counseling

Pop culture sometimes gets derided as shallow, trivial and even corrosive, but some professional counselors are taking a different view and tapping into its vast therapeutic potential with clients.


Working with Latina/os in counseling

With the growing number of Latina/os in the U.S., it is likely we will work with these clients at some point as counselors, and it is our professional obligation to be prepared.


Counselors asked to advocate against FY2018 federal program cuts

ACA will be keeping a sharp eye on federal budget proceedings through the next few months, as several programs critical to the work of counselors and school counselors are on the chopping block.


Illuminate closing: Less talk, more action

Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy closed ACA’s Illuminate Symposium with a call to come together, take action, stand up and speak out.


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‘Cultured’ counseling

Pop culture has long exerted an influence on our lives, but some might argue that this overlap has unofficially reached its peak. After all, in November, a former reality TV star was elected president of the United States. And, of course, it is now possible for us to play computer games, listen to music, watch…continue reading


ACA continues push forward for licensure portability

The American Counseling Association Governing Council has endorsed a plan that would allow counselor practitioners who are licensed and in good standing in one state to become seamlessly licensed in other states should they move. The lack of licensure portability — being able to transfer a professional counseling license when a practitioner moves to a…continue reading

Opioid SOS

During a single afternoon this past August, 26 people overdosed on opioids in Huntington, a small city in West Virginia with a population of approximately 50,000. Bolstered by naloxone — an opioid antidote that often can revive overdose victims who have stopped breathing — and too much practice in overdose scenarios, police and paramedics were…continue reading

The self ish act of forgiving

A rabbi, returning home on a train, sat near a group of salesmen who were playing cards. Absorbed as he was in meditation, the rabbi refused to join the card game. One of the salesmen, annoyed by the rabbi’s aloofness but unaware of who he was, pushed the rabbi out of the compartment. Upon reaching their destination,…continue reading

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Nonprofit News: Becoming the leader you always wanted

It is unlikely that you have always been in a leadership role unless you were born into millions of dollars (and even then, working your way up should have been part of the plan). If you were like me, you worked in just about every position before taking the helm. I was a volunteer, a…continue reading

Working with Latina/os in counseling

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2015, Latina/os made up approximately 56.5 million of the total U.S. population, making them the largest ethnic or racial minority in the country. The Latina/o population is projected to grow to 120 million by the year 2060. The question on many counselors’ minds is, how…continue reading

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Key concepts from Gestalt therapy for non-Gestalt therapists

Several years ago, I attended a reception for a faculty member whom we had recently hired in our department. She had just completed her doctoral degree, and this would be her first academic job. She had received her training in the Midwest in a program known for its emphasis on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In…continue reading

Addressing religion and spirituality in counseling with bullying survivors

The alarming prevalence of bullying in the United States warrants continued education and dialogue among counselors regarding effective ways to serve clients who are survivors of bullying. One aspect in need of more inquiry is the ethical and effective integration of religion/spirituality in clinical work with clients who have experienced bullying. Bullying, defined as unprovoked…continue reading

Member Insights

Examining our assumptions about emerging adulthood

For many counselors and educators, the term failure to launch is a familiar part of the American lexicon. Some have referred to this phenomenon as an “epidemic,” and a few prominent clinicians have even described it as a “syndrome.” This classification is problematic for a number of reasons, including that it fails to consider the longer arc of…continue reading

Preparing for the mental health impact of climate change

Around the globe, coastlines are encroaching on communities, summer days are sweltering and reports of weather catastrophes often dominate the news media. These examples represent only a few of the monumental and pervasive environmental effects of our changing planet. Climate change may be the most crucial issue confronting the inhabitants of our world today. The dramatic…continue reading