Voice of Experience: Know everything

“Continuing education isn’t something that you have to do for your license. It is something you must do to remain competent.” read more …

Counseling Connoisseur: Children and grief

Having an understanding of how developmental stages affect the manifestation of grief can help counselors provide more effective support for children who have experienced a loss.

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Moving through trauma

Yoga, breathwork and meditation are tools that can help counselors and their clients make the transition from surviving to thriving.


Key considerations for counselor community engagement

Counselors spend the majority of their working hours in session with clients, but their professional identity and skills should extend beyond the office walls. READ MORE …

A different approach to recording sessions for counselors-in-training

Having students research and develop a persona expands their knowledge base while helping them to acquire empathy. It’s one thing to hear about a problem; it’s another to adopt that issue as your own and seek counseling to help resolve issues.


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The ‘storm and stress’ of adolescence and young adulthood

For much of human history, the idea of adolescence being a distinct life stage was nonexistent. True, in the Middle Ages, children were recognized not merely as “mini” adults but as distinct beings with different needs. However, the years from ages 13 to 19 were not considered part of childhood until the turn of the…continue reading


Standing in the shadow of addiction

Theresa Eschmann, a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and addiction family specialist in private practice in St. Louis, experienced firsthand the power of denial in adult children of parents with alcohol use disorders. All her life, Eschmann had witnessed her mother struggle with this disorder, yet upon finding her mother dead with a bottle of alcohol…continue reading

Could toxic workplaces be killing your clients?

Many American workers are overworked, exhausted and underpaid. Defying their biological clocks with shift work. Putting in 50-plus-hour workweeks and often juggling the work of two or more people — all under the eye of sometimes capricious management. Employees huddle together like Survivor contestants, hoping not to be voted off the island through layoffs, outsourcing…continue reading

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Voice of Experience: Know everything

If you want to be a good counselor, know everything. Did I get your attention? I don’t really expect counselors to know everything, but I use this simple phrase to make a point. Remember how exciting it was when you finished your graduate work? No more tests, no more papers and no more assignments. When…continue reading

Counseling Connoisseur: Children and grief

Nicolas was just under 3 years old when he attended his grandfather’s funeral. He wandered through the sea of adults, holding tight to his mommy and daddy’s hands as he made his way to the front of the line where his grandfather lay peacefully in the casket. His grandmother picked him up as he tried…continue reading

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Key considerations for counselor community engagement

If you are reading this article, it is likely because you have a strong interest in counseling. We might even be able to go a step further in saying that you probably love counseling, right? As members of the Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) Counselor Community Engagement Committee, we agree — we love counseling. We also…continue reading

Promoting LGBTQ students’ well-being in schools

Research shows that LGBTQ youth are disproportionately bullied (whether in person or via cyberbullying), verbally and physically harassed, and assaulted in schools by peers and staff. Such hostility has been correlated to lower school performance and psychological and emotional distress, including suicidal ideation and attempt, depression and anxiety. In the 2015 GLSEN (formerly Gay, Lesbian…continue reading

Member Insights

Moving through trauma

I am a wounded healer. I remember a professor in graduate school telling our class that most counselors are wounded healers. As human beings, we gravitate toward what we know. As counselors, many of us are attracted to this work because of our difficult life experiences. These events in our lives often include trauma. Trauma…continue reading

Understanding and working with service dog handlers

It happens almost as soon as Emily steps through the door of the grocery store. “What do you think you’re doing in here with that?” an employee demands loudly while moving to block her path. He’s pointing in anger at the black Labrador retriever beside her. As Emily comes to a halt, her service dog,…continue reading