The gifts of volunteering as a disaster mental health counselor

“I was not able to get the smell of smoke out of my hair and clothes for days — and out of my car for weeks — yet I was the supremely fortunate one.”


Study: Genetic wiring as a ‘morning person’ associated with better mental health

Research suggests that the genetic tendency toward being a morning person is “positively correlated with well-being” and less associated with depression and schizophrenia.


Is there an epidemic of emotional support animals?

In a rush to provide documentation for the growing numbers of people desiring emotional support animals, mental health providers could be putting others at risk.


Counseling encounters with the puppet masters

Antisocial personality disorder remains a misunderstood and arguably underdiagnosed issue that can manifest in a number of ways.


Counseling Connoisseur: Cannabidiol and mental health therapy

Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently drawn interest as a therapeutic agent for use on a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders.


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Relationship management

Consider the words of a certain New Jersey troubadour: “Everybody needs a place to rest Everybody wants to have a home Don’t make no difference what nobody says Ain’t nobody like to be alone.” This declaration is from Bruce Springsteen’s 1980 single “Hungry Heart,” which tells the story of a restless man who believed contentment…continue reading


Technology Tutor: Taking a closer look at telehealth

As people in a helping profession, many counselors know the frustration of something getting in the way of us being there for our clients. At some point in our careers, we all must deal with scheduling conflicts, illnesses, weather delays and other events outside of our control. Typically, these are temporary setbacks, and we find…continue reading

Talking about menopause

Sleepless nights. Sudden temperature spikes and night sweats. Fluctuating moods. Brain fog. Sudden hair loss (head). Sudden hair growth (face). Dry skin, leaky bladder, pain during intercourse. This litany of symptoms may sound like the signs of a mysterious and slightly terrifying disease, but they’re actually all possible side effects of a normal, natural life…continue reading

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The gifts of volunteering as a disaster mental health counselor

I was presenting at the Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference in Santa Rosa, California, on the evening of Nov. 8, 2018, when the urgent call came. The American Red Cross was frantically looking for certified disaster mental health counselors to help with what appeared that it might become a large disaster due…continue reading

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Leading an anti-bullying intervention for students with disabilities

For more than 40 years, bullying in schools has remained relatively stable and today is recognized as a serious social problem. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Education released the first federal standardized definition of bullying, which includes unwanted aggressive behavior, observed or perceived power imbalance, and…continue reading

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Is there an epidemic of emotional support animals?

On June 6, 2017, ABC News reported that a man had been severely injured on a Delta Air Lines flight after being attacked by another passenger’s emotional support dog. The dog had been sitting in its owner’s lap in a center seat. The dog reportedly growled before the attack, prompting the man to ask the…continue reading

Counseling encounters with the puppet masters

Utter the words sociopath or psychopath in any public forum, and everyone knows what you’re talking about. “Like serial killers, right?” Yeah, like serial killers. Even in clinical settings, these dated terms are sometimes still used. They’re simply easier to say than antisocial personality disorder (APD), the label currently given in the fifth edition of…continue reading