The Counseling Connoisseur: The canvas of counseling

“Counseling is a field that promotes continued personal growth as well as professional competence and humility. Counseling recognizes the beautiful mystery that at times transcends logic.”


Behind the book: Postmodern Career Counseling: A Handbook of Culture, Context and Cases

“In a postmodern sense, the job of career counselors is to first locate [the client’s] interaction and experiences within the contextual environment that shaped their story, and then help the client use their own culturally-embedded stories to revise their identity.”


Embodying a critical counseling practice and radical wellness

Traditional multiculturalism calls for being aware of cultural differences, whereas critical multiculturalism demands that counselors respond to issues of injustice affecting individuals on the basis of those differences.


Keeping the focus

Recommendations for the application of emotionally focused therapy for couples.


Advancing multicultural and social justice competence in counseling research

The current wave of multicultural counseling encourages counselors to take action, and advancing competence in research would be a giant step toward minimizing bias and promoting wellness for the underserved.


Cover Stories

Lending a helping hand in disaster’s wake

Sept. 11, Hurricane Katrina, Virginia Tech, Newtown, Superstorm Sandy, Pulse nightclub … It is only a partial list, but this roll call of places and events seared into public memory makes it obvious: The 21st century has provided counselors with many unfortunate opportunities to exercise disaster mental health counseling skills. Post-9/11, the practice of disaster…continue reading


Healthy conversations to have

In the United States, 1 in 6 adults has a prescription for a psychiatric drug. That ratio only increases among individuals who walk into counselors’ offices, leaving many counselors feeling that they must perform a special type of tightrope act to talk about medications with their clients. Given that licensed professional counselors don’t possess prescription…continue reading

‘That I may serve’

Counselors and counselor educators who have worked with Gerard Lawson describe him as an insightful, genuine and approachable leader who has a gift for listening to others and seeing to the heart of problems to find solutions. At the same time, Lawson, an associate professor of counselor education at Virginia Tech who became the American…continue reading

ACA continues push forward for licensure portability

The American Counseling Association Governing Council has endorsed a plan that would allow counselor practitioners who are licensed and in good standing in one state to become seamlessly licensed in other states should they move. The lack of licensure portability — being able to transfer a professional counseling license when a practitioner moves to a…continue reading

Online Exclusives

The Counseling Connoisseur: The canvas of counseling

“My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision of the ever-changing view.” ~ Carole King Summertime often brings opportunities to gather with family and friends. Over grilled goodies and cold beverages, we wallow away the hours, reminiscing of old and fabricating new visions and ventures. It was during one…continue reading

Knowledge Share

Counseling transgender persons and their families

For the past several years, I have provided and supervised counseling services for transgender persons and their family members and conducted workshops for mental health professionals, school counselors and educators on optimal ways for responding to the needs of transgender youth and adults. The purpose of this article is to share information for understanding transgender…continue reading

Through the child welfare kaleidoscope

The amazing feature about kaleidoscopes is the endless, ever-changing scenes and complex patterns they reveal to anyone who takes the time to look. The gentlest of rotations invites a new and oftentimes completely different perspective on the same set of colorful shapes. Working with children, adults and families involved in the child welfare system is…continue reading

Member Insights

Embodying a critical counseling practice and radical wellness

A supervisee committed to a multicultural counseling practice approached me feeling distressed and self-critical. In my capacity as a doctoral candidate in counselor education and supervision, I had worked with this supervisee for several months and had also worked with him the year prior. At this point, he expressed uncertainty about his most recent session,…continue reading

Advancing multicultural and social justice competence in counseling research

Despite several decades of counseling research focusing on culturally diverse populations, limited knowledge still exists about such issues as parenting, achievement, resilience, the intersectionality of identity and the psychological impact of systemic oppression on clients who are members of culturally marginalized groups. Most of the efforts within the counseling profession have focused on developing multicultural…continue reading